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Weir Minerals’ cutting-edge approach to product development

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Weir Minerals' 2nd generation Warman WGR pump is said to combined the latest materials and technologies

Adapting technology and updating existing designs is said to be helping to deliver significant savings for customers of leading equipment provider Weir Minerals. Following the recent launch of the manufacturer’s 2nd generation Warman WGR pump, Weir Minerals’ senior product manager for pumps, Harvinder Bhabra, discusses how the company is using its field expertise, research & development and manufacturing knowledge to provide customer-centric solutions that lower the total cost of ownership

The challenges facing today’s sand and aggregates industries are many and varied. To help customers address these, equipment providers need to do more than simply sell machinery. Incorporating new technology in equipment, robust aftermarket support services and bespoke maintenance agreements based on factors such as cost per processed tonnage have seen Weir Minerals evolve from equipment suppliers into solutions providers.

Product and process innovation is continually incorporated by Weir Minerals in order to lower the total cost of equipment ownership, as illustrated by the company’s recently-launched 2nd generation Warman WGR slurry pump.

This willingness to adapt existing technologies, utilise the most advanced materials and adopt the latest hydraulic design techniques allows Weir Minerals to use its vast experience to produce the most innovative and efficient products on the market.

Compared to its predecessor, the 2nd generation Warman WGR pump boasts improved performance and wear life, ease of maintenance and efficiency gains, while retaining versatility of the original WGR pump. The 2nd generation pump is ideal for the applications within the sand and aggregates industry, with the new hydraulic design able to handle a wide range of materials efficiently with minimal energy use. As customers in the tunnelling sector face many similar challenges during the de-sanding process, the WGR pump is also an attractive option for this application, alongside various duties throughout industry in general.

The 2nd generation pump offers a number of advancements on the original version, including a lower cost of ownership through improved performance. The very latest technology has been used to design and manufacture the components, delivering both extended wear life and ease of maintenance.

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Warman WGR 2
Compared to its predecessor, the 2nd generation Warman WGR pump boasts improved performance and wear life

Customer-focused design

The original Warman WGR pump design has been further refined to include design improvements. Having listened to our customers’ input, we made the following changes which include; a one-piece suction casing, fixed flanges and a drain port. This provides a simpler design with fewer components, easier installation and maintenance, and the ability to allow system drainage during shutdown periods.

The 2nd generation WGR pump now boasts a choice of gland options, with much improved expeller sealing, low flow water gland, as well as retaining the remote adjustable D gland assembly.

An improved hydraulic design reduces internal turbulence, thereby increasing efficiency and minimising wear; and as global electricity costs continue to rise, the 2nd generation WGR pump offers cost reductions for customers who demand more energy-efficient products.

Further enhancements from the original design include a large diameter expeller gland to seal against higher inlet pressures, and a simplified wet-end design with fewer parts, resulting in reduced maintenance.

A number of alterations have been made to the impeller, which is lined with Linatex premium rubber. The improved support frame incorporates a release collar for easy removal, while the impeller itself is adjustable, to minimise recirculation wear.

Mounted in a removable housing and fastened to a rigid base, high capacity bearings are capable of withstanding high loads, providing a longer bearing life.

In addition, integral lifting points have been added to aid safe handling of heavy castings, while a simplified wet-end design delivers easier maintenance.

The pump is lined with Linatex premium rubber, which provides superior wear life. Widely regarded as the premium wear-resistant rubber for wet abrasive applications, Linatex premium rubber is made from 95% natural rubber; it is extremely strong and resilient and the best material option for the 2nd generation WGR pump wet-end parts.

The pump range comprises seven sizes, from 35mm to 250mm, and has a range of motor drive configurations to suit various applications.

Adapting technology

Continuous research and development is essential for high quality pump design and manufacture. The 2nd generation Warman WGR pump combines the latest materials and technologies with several sophisticated advancements to ensure that it is as durable and versatile as possible.

As a leading equipment manufacturer, Weir Minerals is committed to developing and leveraging new technologies. State-of-the-art techniques, including CFD (computational fluid dynamics), were employed in developing the 2nd generation Warman WGR pump. These tools helped to identify areas where wear life could be extended, hydraulic efficiency improved and ease of maintenance optimised. This was then verified through in field trials.

A key functional requirement was to design wear components to reach the end of their life at approximately the same time, thus ensuring fewer maintenance stops and minimal down time.

Reliable and cost-effective

In support of its drive to maximise customer satisfaction, Weir Minerals is committed to driving market-leading technological advances that achieve cost reduction and ease of maintenance which increase  profitability of our customers.

Weir Minerals manufactures a range of wear-resistant, highly engineered products, with brands including Warman, GEHO and Cavex. The 2nd generation Warman WGR  pump is available from Weir Minerals offices around the world.

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