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14 September 2017

Marangoni appoints Martin Kalagin as central technical service director

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Martin Kalagin is Marangoni Retreading Systems' new Central Technical Service director

Marangoni Retreading Systems has appointed Martin Kalagin as Central Technical Service director, reporting in this role to the Group’s CEO.

The Central Technical Service will define and implement the rules and the global guidelines, align the local plans and resources and coordinate the activities of all technical service teams of Marangoni Retreading Systems Business Unit in Europe and overseas, through a team and customer-orientated approach.

In order to sustain a virtuous cycle of continuous improvement, Marangoni’s superior retreading technology and equipment require an effective service and a constant feed-back from the users. Thanks to its extensive team know-how, the new service will keep supporting the partners’ equipment productivity and process capabilities, thus further ensuring the quality of their final product.

Martin Kalagin has been with Marangoni since 2007, holding several management roles at the company in Europe and Asia. Before joining Marangoni, he had been working with Bridgestone for 11 years, initially as European field engineering coordinator and later as Retread business development manager of the Bridgestone/Marangoni JV.

“Because of his technical background and more than 30 years’ experience in the field of tyres and retreading, Martin perfectly understands the Technical Service requirements of our customers and is well suited to direct his organisation to meet their demands in every aspect.”, said Dino Maggioni, Marangoni Group CEO, “Through his appointment to head of the Central Technical Service, we are taking another step to show our continued commitment to providing the highest possible level of customer service in the retread industry.”