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15 August 2012

CrossFlow addition to Rockmore drills

First publishedon www.AggBusiness.com
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Rockmore International's new CrossFlow bit design
Rockmore International’s new drill bit design is said to be especially suited for hard rock quarry drilling.

The new CrossFlow bit design is also said to extend bit life and improve penetration rates for percussive drilling applications in abrasive and challenging rock condition.

“Overall drilling efficiency is greatly influenced by bit penetration rates. Increasing rate of bit penetration is mostly determined by impact energy and flushing efficiency,” says Rockmore, which has targeted improvements in bit design such that the rock cuttings flush more effectively from the bit face, leading to better penetration rates and increased bit life.

“The CrossFlow bit incorporates new design features in the bit face, particularly in the geometry and placement of flush holes, flush grooves, and tungsten buttons. The intent of the new bit geometry is to remove the broken rock chips that result from the percussive blows, away from the bit face and up towards the hole as quickly and effectively as possible.

“The flush holes are placed strictly near the centre line of the bit in order to help the flushing medium, usually compressed air for quarry drilling, to more effectively push the rock cuttings away from the bit centre towards the bit edge.”

Threaded button bits 89‐127mm are available for top‐hammer applications while DTH button bits with CrossFlow design are currently in development.

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