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Dimpled drills

First publishedon www.AggBusiness.com
2008 November December
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Rockmore drilling mould on display
Rockmore's new button features a dimpled design
Drilling technology specialist Rockmore International is breaking the mould in the drill bits market with its latest innovation. The firm has developed highly distinctive cemented carbide buttons that feature a dimpled rather than a smooth surface. These are intended to boost drilling penetration rates by generating multiple rock fractures and allowing greater penetration.

Although this technology is innovative, Rockmore said it has been extensively tested. The firm used the buttons for over a year in development trials to ensure that the dimples would not break off under load. The buttons are offered in a range of diameters from 10-18mm and can be used on a wide range of bits with diameters from 75-254mm. Meanwhile the company is planning to build a new manufacturing facility in Austria close to its current factory as well, to meet with increased demand for drilling consumables.

The firm has other innovative concepts in development and one in particular will be aimed at the DTH market, although Rockmore said that it is still too early to reveal technical details or even announce a launch date.

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