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Record hammer from Indeco

First publishedon www.AggBusiness.com
2008 March April
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Indeco HP 18000
Italian breaker manufacturer Indeco is pushing the back barriers of breaker design with its new 11tonne HP18000 hydraulic hammer. This is now the world's largest and, according to Indeco, now also the most powerful hydraulic breaker both in terms of size and performance.

The HP18000's size and power is designed to suit quarrying operations, for primary winning of material, although it can also be used in secondary breaking, as well as large demolition and tunnelling projects.

The unit measures 4.6m long, features a 250mm diameter tool and suits carriers weighing up to 140tonnes. It achieves a striking rate of 460blows/minute and is said to feature high hydraulic efficiency, providing a good ratio between input and output power and allowing huge breaking forces.

The HP18000 is equipped with a new automatic power and speed variation device called the collateral damage prevention system (CPDS). This warns the operator of any technical problems that may arise during operation and minimises the risk of serious and costly internal damage. The breaker is designed for reliability and long operating life, with its external regulation system mounted on the casing.

Improvements in hydraulic design and a greater understanding of how forces are transmitted within a breaker mean that the new HP18000 (as well as its nearest rival in terms of size and output, Atlas Copco's HB10000) are able to work for longer and more reliably than earlier generation giant hammers weighing 10tonnes and over. Operational and maintenance requirements are expected to be comparable to existing large breakers in the 6-7tonne class.

To reduce vibration during operation and minimise wear, there is no clearance between the hammer and the wear plates inside the heavily-reinforced housing. The proven central greasing system used on the firm's smaller breakers is now being used on the new HP18000, while the mounting bracket is interchangeable with that of the HP12000 allowing one carrier to be used for either hammer.

Its innovative design allows the breaker to work even in poor conditions when the carrier is not able to transmit all of its weight to the hammer or where visibility is restricted. Such applications include vertical rock-faces, secondary demolition, underwater or tunnelling.


Model: HP18000
Operating weight: 11tonnes Carrier weight: Up to 140tonnes
Tool diameter: 250mm Blow rate: 460blows/minute

Special features: Central greasing system; Interchangable mounting bracket with HP12000; Reduced vibration design

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