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Sandvik’s geoSURE turns drill rig into analyser

First publishedin Aggregates Business Europe
January February 2016
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Sandvik’s geoSURE analyser
Sandvik Construction is adding geoSURE, a rig-integrated, high precision, online rock mass analysis and visualisation system, to its existing offering for tunnelling process optimisation.

The new option is fully integrated to the iSURE tunnelling project management software, providing rock mass information and a view inside the drilled rock.

Designed to be used with Sandvik underground construction drills rigs, geoSURE delivers real-time onboard analysis of the rock mass, which is said to provide many advantages to the overall tunnel process optimisation.

At present geoSURE is available for Sandvik i-series tunneling jumbos. The geoSURE system includes the delivery of hardware components and iSURE software licence. All physical components are easily installed and delivered with the system package, with the primary component being one AWDU unit (Analysis While Drilling Unit) for each drilling boom.

Sandvik says it is an easy way to fulfill the most advanced reporting requirements in the industry, and also acts as an important tool for the assessment of rock reinforcement or injection requirements. Additionally it serves as an assisting tool for charging and blasting control as well as a complementary tool for geological mapping.

The present approach for geological mapping is based on visual sighting and time-consuming laboratory measurements, and Sandvik says the development of geoSURE now enables the use of a handy tool which speeds up and enhances this process. Using information gathered from every drilled hole and visualising the rock allows geologists quick and up-front access to information that has traditionally taken some days to be available.

The geoSURE system enables the drill rig to act as the analyser as all information is provided in real-time on the drilling rig itself.

“There is no need for any third party devices, add-on sensors or separate data transfers, as the analysis is fully integrated into the drill rig. This means that geoSURE makes full use of the drilling information thus providing accurate and repeatable results,” says Sandvik.

The real-time onboard analysis includes features such as fracture, rock strength and water indication. The extended analysis of the data allows the evaluation of the rock strength class, rock quality class and rock quality number. These features can then be further visualised using the iSURE tunnelling project management software.

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