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06 January 2011

Cemex UK hopes to secure an agreement to increase recycled fuel use to 65% at its Rugby plant

First published on www.AggBusiness.com
Cemex UK has submitted plans to public consultation to increase the use of recycled fuels at its Rugby cement plant from 30% to 65%.The main fuel used at the site is Climafuel which is derived from residual household and commercial waste and the report evaluates the increase to either 65% Climafuel and 35% coal or 53% Climafuel, 12% chipped tyres and 35% coal.Cemex has said that the draft report demonstrates that the increased use of Climafuel has produced positive results. It shows that during the evaluation there were no breaches of existing emission limit values, and that the overall environmental impact is reduced when Climafuel is used to replace traditional fossil fuels such as coal.The public consultation will last for two months.

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