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10 December 2010

Lafarge's plans to reduce CO2

First published on www.AggBusiness.com

Lafarge, which claims to have the most advanced research laboratory in the world for construction materials, based in Lyon, France, is currently working on improving cement production techniques and also improving the performance of products to make them more energy efficient, and thus help the group meet European regulations.

The French cement company, which invests €150 million in research, says a key element towards this is reducing the use of clinker as its decarbonation represents 60% of emissions when producing cement.

Among products developed by Lafarge is Aether, a clinker (the main component of cement) which has been tested in the laboratory as well as in an industrial kiln, and “has demonstrated its full potential.”

Results show that Aether could represent an alternative to traditional Portland cement offering comparable technical properties, manufactured in a traditional cement plant kiln after just a few modifications, and leading to a lower overall environmental footprint, says Lafarge.

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