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SPECIMIX plant answers Swiss bridge SOS

First publishedin Aggregates Business Europe
2014 November December
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A SPECIMIX UHPC mixing plant by SBM Mineral Processing
A SPECIMIX UHPC mixing plant by SBM Mineral Processing
Up until the end of October 2014 one of the most impressive Swiss motorway bridges, the Viaduct de Chillon, near Villeneuve, was renovated by construction company Walo Bertschinger using the new mobile SPECIMIX concrete mixing plant made by SBM Mineral Processing.

The new plant provided 1500m³ of UHPC (Ultra High Performance Concrete), thus playing a critical role in the renovation of Switzerland’s third longest bridge, spanning a length of 2,100m and a height of up to 50m.

Zurich-based Walo Bertschinger, Zurich is said to have placed its trust in SBM, as they were one of the few manufacturers of concrete mixing plants with vast experience in UHPC provision.

By means of what is described by SBM as perfect logistics, the SPECIMIX plant provided its 1,500m³ of UHPC directly from the bridge within four weeks.

Aggregates and binder agents could be delivered by tanker lorry and blown into working silos. Steel fibre for the renovated structure was added by crane. The produced thin layer concrete, with an extremely high percentage of steel fibre, was said to be applied in a 50mm thick base course including reinforcement.

The SPECIMIX container-mobile mixing plant consists of three main containers which come ready for operation to the site. With a capacity of 18m³/hour and a mixing time of 10 minutes per mixture, the plant not only impresses due to its outstanding concrete quality but also due to its high production speed. Being completely insulated, SPECIMIX is suitable for operation in winter and thus fit for use throughout the year.

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