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Ernstberger uses the Sandvik mobile crushing and screening

First publishedin Aggregates Business Europe
September October 2016
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Sandvik QI341 Prisec impact crusher
Ernstberger has invested in a Sandvik QI341 Prisec impact crusher, which is available with a single or double-deck hanging screen system
The geological history of the Altmühltal region in upper Bavaria, Germany, reveals significant strata dating back over 140 million years when giant dinosaurs roamed the earth, writes Patrick Smith.

Rock from this period is now quarried, proving to be an important source of aggregate for the construction industry. Local company, Ernstberger, owns and operates four quarries in the area, using an array of Sandvik mobile crushing and screening equipment to process over 200,000tonnes of rock each year.

Located between Nuremberg and Ingolstadt, Altmühltal is a nature resort with its administrative centre in Eichtstätt.

The family-owned Ernstberger company was formed in 1986 by Josef Ernstberger, and was originally located in the centre of Eichtstätt before moving to its present location in 1997 to the town’s industrial area, equidistant from its four quarries.

Helmut Ernstberger, the present managing director, runs the multi-faceted business operation, helped by his two sons, Thomas and Tobias.

The company’s premises cover ten hectares and now employs 25 people full-time. It operates 16 trucks, eight reclaimers (wheel and chain operated, ranging from 14-50tonnes), and five loaders, all assisting in the production and supply of the 200,000tonnes of crushed material each year.

Recently, investment in the company’s operation became necessary due to increased demand from customers from outside Ernstberger’s usual operating area.

These customers were requesting high-value materials for road works and excavation projects, and early in April 2015 Ernstberger decided that investment in new mobile crushing and screening plant would be necessary.

Due to past experience with excellent support from its local dealer, Oppermann and Fuss, Paddy Kelly, the area representative, was asked to visit the site to discuss Ernsberger’s requirements and to propose a cost-effective solution.

Following these visits, Kelly organised  a demonstration of the Sandvik mobile QI341 Prisec impact crusher complete with a hanging screen.

This was arranged because Ernstberger’s customers require a 100% cubical final product, a major challenge due to the sticky nature of the material which had to be processed.
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Paddy Kelly, Thomas Ernstberger and Helmut Ernstberger
With the Sandvik Q1341 are (from left) Paddy Kelly, Thomas Ernstberger and Helmut Ernstberger
In close cooperation with Oppermann and Fuss technician, Mike Harrigen, any questions Ernstberger and its customers had about the end product quality were “easily dealt with.”

Of equal importance was the “excellent after-sales service, availability of spare parts, and the overall design of the machine” - features all backed by the excellent test results from the demonstration.

“The engineers have done a perfect job here since the dip stick for the oil level and other components are well arranged and easily accessible, which simplifies operation and maintenance,” says Thomas Ernstberger, talking about the Sandvik equipment.

“We are able to produce three products within one step. After an input of 300tonnes we can dispose of 250tonnes final output. Even the waste can be used to fill up usable space.”

Furthermore, second generation managing director, Helmut Ernstberger, is delighted by the mobility of the unit.

He says he has found that it can be closed down, transported and opened out ready for operation within just ten minutes of arriving on site. Another big advantage for the employees and the environment is the minimal amount of dust which is emitted.

Having passed the test phase, the contract was signed early in July, and the Sandvik impact crusher was set to work on the Jura-sediment rock.

“Also important for the economy of the equipment is the blow bars which after 200 work hours do not show any signs of wear or tear,” says Thomas Ernstberger.

Ernstberger says the investment in the Sandvik crusher has saved money due to the QI341 being available with a single or double-deck hanging screen system complete with a recirculation system. This means that the operation of a heavy-duty scalper is not required.

The screen box on Ernstberger’s QI341 features Sandvik’s patented Doublescreen technology, consisting of two double-deck screen boxes, equivalent to a screen size of 4m x 1.5 m for maximum capacity.

A patented design and a customer benefit of the QI341 is said to be the Prisec impact chamber. Fitted with the CI411 Prisec impactor, this can be configured to work in primary or secondary mode offering customers ultimate flexibility in their operation.

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