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Dewatering Pumps


  • Atlantic Pump pic 1 diesl pump in action.jpg Pump out water at quarriesExcess water in quarries often needs be removed and operators can choose from various methods, including pumping. Patrick Smith reports. Dewatering in quarries and...
  • The floating pump station designed by Xylem Dewatering is essential in quarries and minesIt is almost certain that at some time during their operational lives, quarries and mines will require action to remove water. Indeed, many such facilities already have...
  • Weir Minerals Cavex hydrocyclones Dewatering is an expanding business worldwideDewatering is an essential part of the quarry production process whether it be of the materials produced or to keep a facility working efficiently. Equipment manufacturers...
  • OCP's 235km pipeline Weir Minerals targets Morocco quarrying sectorMorocco has been enjoying an economic upturn in the past two years and, according to the latest figures from the International Monetary Fund (IMF), the country is...
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