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Technology helps loading operations

First publishedin Aggregates Business Europe & International
May June 2014
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Komatsu new WA320-7 wheeled loader
Komatsu Europe International's new WA320-7 wheeled loader for the European market
The first R430LC-9A crawler excavator sold in Europe has been put to work by rock crushing company Murskaus Rämö & Karén of Finland.

It was sold by Suomen Telakone, the Finnish importer of Hyundai construction machinery since 1998, which is a “stone’s throw” from Murskaus Rämö & Karén, based in the town of Humppila. At 42.6tonnes, the excavator works alongside the crushers and a screener on site shovelling rock in its 2.1m³ bucket.

Murskaus Rämö & Karén also has other Hyundai models in its fleet, including a 29tonne R290LC-7A and a 36tonne R360LC-7 tracked excavator.

The R430LC-9A is powered by a low-emission and low-noise Cummins QSL9 Tier 4 Interim/Stage IIIB engine, which offers a rated power output of 231kw. It features the Xtra-High Pressure Injection (XPI) fuel system, delivering a constant stream of pressurised fuel across all engine rpm speeds, providing cleaner combustion and improved engine response.

Hyundai’s -9A series excavators offer a proven 5% fuel savings in comparison to previous models.

The new machines feature Hyundai’s HI-MATE telematics remote management system, which provides operators and dealer service personnel direct access to vital service and diagnostic information on the machine from any computer with internet access.

Also working in aggregates processing are three Bell Equipment L2606E wheeled loaders bought by Goonvean Aggregates for its operation in County Cornwall, south-west England.
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Hitachi ZW180-5 10
Hitachi Construction Machinery (Europe) has launched the ZW180-5 wheeled loader
The Goonvean name has been synonymous with china clay since 1932. In 2012 its china clay business was sold to Imerys, and the directors realised there was the scope to enhance and promote the existing  aggregates business and founded Goonvean Aggregates.

As part of the package with Imerys, Goonvean Aggregates has a contractual arrangement for the supply of material to increase the future use of secondary aggregates from the by-products of its china clay processes, thereby reducing the amount of waste sent to landfill.

Goonvean Aggregates began an intensive programme of reviewing its plant equipment, and to specify new machines where needed, and this included its loading operation, a vital plank in the supply of its products to both the local construction industry and also the south-east of England via the nearby deep water sea port at Fowey Docks. 

“Prior to its sale to Imerys, the Goonvean china clay business had used Bell ADTs, so we were aware of the company’s reputation,” says Kevin Foley, general manager of Goonvean Aggregates.

“Our entire business model revolves around minimising waste to get the most of natural resources, and Bell’s commitment to fuel efficiency complements those goals perfectly.”
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Bell Equipment L2606E wheeled loader
A Bell Equipment L2606E wheeled loader, one of three bought by Goonvean Aggregates
The chosen machines, the John Deere-powered L2606Es are the largest wheeled loader available from Bell Equipment UK. 

As the West African country of Ghana continues its consistent GDP growth, substantial investment in industry and infrastructure has followed, and one leading Ghanaian company, Justmoh Group, founded  by Justice Amoh who is CEO, is using SDLG equipment from Shandong Lingong Construction Machinery to help the country achieve its growth ambitions.

Industry output in Ghana grew 2.3% in 2013, according to the Ghanaian statistical service, with close to a third of that growth coming from the mining and quarrying sector. This is another area where Justmoh has well–established operations and in its granite quarry in the coastal town of Sekondi, the company has been making good use of its 5tonne capacity SDLG LG956L wheeled loader.

The LG956L has a turning cylinder with breakout force of 17.5tonnes, and lifting cylinder with a force of 15.4tonnes, which is vital in supporting Justmoh’s activities at the quarry, where volumes can reach 500tonnes/hour. Its long shaft space also increases the machine’s stability with an overturning loading capability of 12.5tonnes.

“As we further boost our activities we need to increase capacity to remain competitive. We need reliable machines with maximum up-time to keep production running so we can keep loading our customers’ trucks. SDLG equipment has made an extremely positive impact and will definitely play a part in our progress and Ghana’s future development,” says Amoh.
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jCB’s new 457 wheeled loader all-new CommandPlus cab
Launched recently, JCB's new 457 wheeled loader is the first machine to show off the all-new CommandPlus cab
Hitachi Construction Machinery (Europe)/(HCME) has launched the ZW180-5 wheeled loader, designed to meet the requirements of its European customers “who are seeking highly productive yet fuel-efficient machines, with a smaller impact on the environment and a lower total cost of ownership.”

Operator comfort and safety, and easy maintenance features, have also been considered in its design.

“The ZW180-5 belongs to one of the most popular classes of wheeled loaders in Europe, so this highlights its importance to the Hitachi product line-up,” says Vasilis Drougkas, HCME’s wheel loader product specialist.

“We believe this durable new model will be ideal for material handling, agriculture and waste management applications among others. Its fuel-efficient and low-maintenance qualities will also make it particularly appealing for rental companies.”

It is equipped with 2.7m³ general purpose bucket with weld-on teeth, and its 6.7litre, six-cylinder water-cooled turbo engine, with power rated at 126kW, is said to contribute to high productivity levels by enabling a powerful digging performance and impressive travel speeds as well as excellent fuel consumption. This is reduced by up to 10% compared to the previous model thanks to the five-gear transmission and the new fully-electronic controlled engine, which combines a high-pressure common rail system and the DOC.

Operator comfort comes from the spacious cab of the new ZW180-5, which has a heated air-suspension seat that can slide further back providing ample legroom. The tilting telescopic pop-up steering column has also been repositioned to create additional space.

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Doosan DL250-3_DX140LC-3_ETM
Doosan's Stage IIIB-compliant DL250-3 wheeled loader
Launched recently, JCB’s new 457 wheeled loader, the first machine to show off the all-new CommandPlus cab, engine cover and rear counterweight design, has found favour with The Owen Pugh Group, which has bought two for loading aggregates at its quarry.

It has also bought seven JCB tracked excavators (one JS130, two JS160, three JS220 and a JS260 model) in the same deal to be used for earthmoving, demolition and general works by the company’s contracts team.

Another newcomer to the JCB range is the JS360, the company’s largest crawler excavator, designed for heavy earthmoving and quarry applications.

At 38.3tonnes it is powered by a six-cylinder, 7.8litre Isuzu engine, meeting US EPA Tier 4 Interim/EU Stage IIIB emissions standards. Fuel savings of up to 8% are achieved on this model compared with the Tier 3 machine.

Spanish family business Trans-Crispi, based in Flix, Tarragona, has over 15 years’ experience in concrete supply, excavation, container rental, waste management and transport and runs its own concrete plant.

It has bought a new Doosan DL350-3 wheeled loader for this application, which is working at the company’s landfill and the concrete plant, loading materials into containers and trucks or transporting them at its facilities.
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Murskaus Rämö & Karén's new Hyundai R430LC-9A crawler excavator
ETM Recycling, based in Bristol, UK, has also bought a new Doosan wheeled loader, the Stage IIIB-compliant DL250-3 along with DX140LC-3 crawler excavator models. 

Supplied by Kellands (Plant Sales), authorised dealer for the Doosan and Bobcat range for south-west England, the new Doosan machines are part of over £750,000 (€914,000) worth of new investment in ETM’s state-of-the-art screening and crushing facility at Durnford Quarry.

Making it possible to convert up to 250tonnes of inert waste and aggregates/hour, the new investment in the Doosan equipment and other equipment, including a new crushing and screening system, ensures ETM can provide a wider range of recycled aggregates and topsoil to the highest grade, at a cost-effective price. Powered by the Doosan DL06K six-cylinder EGR diesel engine, delivering 128kW at 2,100rpm, the new generation DL250-3 wheeled loader combines high engine power with a number of new features to minimise fuel consumption and provide better operator comfort, exceptional performance, ease of handling, easier serviceability and extended durability.

It has a bucket capacity of 2.5m3, a static tipping load (straight) of 11,000kg and dump height (at 45°) with bolt-on teeth of 2,750mm.
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SDLG Ghana
An SDLG LG956L wheeled loader working in Justmoh's Ghanaian granite quarry
The new 14tonne DX140LC-3 crawler excavator is also powered by the Doosan DL06K engine, providing 15% more power, 82kW at 1,850rpm (SAE J1995), than the previous Stage IIIA model.

Meanwhile, Komatsu Europe International’s new WA320-7 wheeled loader for the European market offers a net power of 123kW and is powered by a Komatsu SAA6D107E-2 engine and is EU Stage 3B emissions certified.

Built on a proven Tier 3 engine platform, Komatsu has leveraged its technology and innovation to design a more environmentally friendly engine which decreases fuel consumption by up to 10% and increases the engine torque up to 12% compared to the WA320-6. The WA320-7 replaces the WA320-6 and WA320PZ-6.

Weighing 15,300kg, the new loader features improved efficiency, lower fuel consumption, improved operator comfort and enhanced serviceability to maximise productivity while lowering operating costs. Says Komatsu.

The WA320-7 is supported by Komatsu CARE, a complimentary maintenance programme for Komatsu customers that comes as standard with every new Komatsu EU Stage 3B construction machine.

The latest KOMTRAX technology on the WA320-7 sends machine operating information to a secure website utilising wireless technology. Data such as operating hours, fuel consumption, location, cautions and maintenance alerts are relayed to the web application for analysis.

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