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The power of innovation in loading machines

First publishedin Aggregates Business Europe & International
January February 2015
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Caterpillar 336E H hybrid excavator in Blessem, Germany
Two Cat 336E H hybrid excavators are working for Group Nowotnik in sand and gravel pits in Blessem, Germany
Fuel savings, performance and reliability are now standard factors for choosing equipment, and companies worldwide have been investing in such machinery.

At the same time Chinese manufacturers have also been introducing a host of new and concept models that can be used for loading purposes, many at the recent bauma China, one of number of major global exhibitions where such equipment is unveiled.

Indeed, in 2012 at bauma in Munich, Germany, Caterpillar says it surprised the industry with the announcement of its first ever hybrid excavator, the Cat 336E H.

Impressed by its premier, Group Nowotnik ordered six of them, two of which are working in sand and gravel pits in Blessem, Germany, about 20km south-west of Cologne, where 450,000tonnes of raw materials are mined each year.

The group and its owner, said to be known for their openness to innovation, are said to be considered “trailblazers for new construction technology.”

“These are the only ways to stand out in our industry. They are absolutely vital to companies in the construction industry. Because we are continually battling costs, the only companies to survive over the long-term will be those that are pioneers in environmental protection, including the reduction of emissions and fuel. It is in our own interest to work as environmentally friendly as possible and to do our part to promote this development,” says Hans Georg Nowotnik.

His company was the first in Germany working with the hybrid excavator, and says that part of the machine’s appeal is the continuous, power-split transmission. The 36tonne 336E H is said to combine the advantages of hydrostatic and mechanical direct drive to ensure material handling without switching interruptions. This is said to help cut fuel consumption “significantly,” which is a big part of operational costs for construction companies and mining operations.
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Caterpillar 725 ADT in Blessem
One of Group Nowotnik's Caterpillar 336E H hybrid excavators loads a Caterpillar 725 ADT in Blessem
“The most basic requirement for us is that the new technology works well with continuous use and saves fuel,” says Nowotnik.

Caterpillar developers chose not an electric, but a hydraulic hybrid concept for the 336E H, and 98% of the 336E H are standard 336E components.

“The idea of saving fuel through a simple, hydraulic energy recovery system on a machine that remains affordable convinced me,” says Nowotnik.

David Hunter, director at SRC Aggregates has the expectation for significant fuel savings with the company’s latest Volvo products.

It bought a new Volvo EC220D crawler excavator a year ago, and its latest Volvo deal includes two new 30tonne A30G articulated haulers; L120H and L150H loading shovels; another EC220D; and the slightly larger 25tonne EC250E crawler excavators. The machines are working in county Essex, England, at SRC Aggregates’ Crown Quarry sand and gravel extraction facility and at Highwood Quarry.

Again, the main driving factors for choosing Volvo again were down to the performance and reliability of the year-old EC220D together with the overall package on offer and anticipated residual values according to David Hunter.

The EC220D is powered by Volvo’s Stage IIIB D6 engine, delivering 129kW, coupled to an improved hydraulic system with larger pumps which in turn is said to significantly improve hourly fuel consumption with shorter cycle times. The larger EC250E excavator is equipped with a Stage IV final Volvo 8litre engine.

The new Volvo L120H and L150H wheeled loaders feature Volvo Stage IV 8litre and 13litre engines respectively, which are enhanced by the perfectly-matched Volvo powertrain and intelligent hydraulics, supplying power only on demand.
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Volvo L120H loading shovel
Night-time duties for the Volvo L120H loading shovel
Meanwhile, Bell Equipment has supplied two new L1506E loaders with state-of-the-art QuadCool technology for use in the challenging and dust-heavy environment at the New West Gypsum recycling company, Avonmouth, south-west England, where plasterboard is recycled.

“Dust within our plant is unavoidable, as in the UK it is not possible to dispose of gypsum within landfill facilities, so it therefore needs to be recycled and the powder created reprocessed.  It is a task which requires powerful machinery, capable of manoeuvring waste successfully, securely and without being affected by the dust-heavy working environment. This is why, four years ago, we decided to switch to Bell,” says Luke Davidson, UK site manager.

The QuadCool system is said combat the risk of dust build-up, using the compartmentalisation of radiator technology as part of its design. This prevents clogging and overheating.

In Szczecin in Poland, a new Doosan DX300SLR-3 extended boom excavator has been bought by Szczeciskie Kopalnie Surowców Mineralnych (SKSM), which is using the new machine on the Regalica trans-shipment wharf in Szczecin, primarily for unloading aggregate from barges.

The latest purchase from the Doosan range of Stage IIIB-compliant excavators introduced to the Polish market two years ago, the DX300SLR-3 was supplied by Grausch & Grausch Maszyny Budowlane, exclusive authorised dealer for the Doosan construction equipment range in Poland. 
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LiuGong CLG8128H and Bell Equipment 1506E wheeled loaders
TOP: LiuGong has launched its largest wheeled loader, the CLG8128H; BOTTOM: A Bell Equipment 1506E wheeled loader also fitted with a sweeper for brushing away gypsum
The DX300SLR-3 has an operating weight of 31tonnes and is powered by a six-cylinder Doosan DL08K 159kW turbocharged engine with common rail injection and a displacement of 7.6litres.

The machine is equipped with a one-piece, 10m boom and a 7m digging arm, which ensures a maximum digging depth of 13.78m and a reach of 17.39m.

“The aggregate is transported in barges from the Bielinek quarry near Cedynia and unloaded at the Regalica wharf into the storage yard,” says Jacek Ogórek, director of factory production control at SKSM and Regalica SKSM.

“The new Doosan excavator removes the load from barges to form heaps, the extended boom enabling quick unloading of the barge because the machine does not have to move or manoeuvre frequently. The excavator with a regular boom would take twice as long to do the same job.”

Another company has taken delivery of its first Case CX130C, supplied by Case heavy line dealership CBL Plant Sales. RK Bell Group, founded in 1941, now provides a specialist range of services including contracting, plant and tool hire, truck hire and heavy haulage throughout counties Somerset, Devon, Gloucester, Cornwall and Dorset, UK.

Tipping the scales at 13,200kg the Case CX130C is powered by an Isuzu AM-4JJ1X Tier 4i emissions compliant four-cylinder engine with a power output rating of 74.9kw and features the Case Intelligent Hydraulic System.

At bauma China LiuGong’s largest wheeled loader, the CLG8128H, made its global debut. It features a 4.04m dumping height; 7.0m³ rock bucket with moveable blade and Dana-C9672 torque converter. With 12tonne rated load and 360KN breakout force, the company says it takes only 7.4 seconds to raise for full loading.

SDLG also lifted the covers on two new concept machines it has developed, a wheeled loader and an excavator. These models represent a major development for SDLG as it will compete in larger equipment classes than current models from the company. Both will suit duties in heavy duty equipment segments such as quarrying. High productivity is also claimed, along with good all-round visibility and a comfortable and spacious operator station.

The 46tonne LG4640E excavator has a 2.1m³ bucket and is powered by a diesel delivering 245kW. Meanwhile the 36tonne LG9120F wheeled loader is capable of carrying 12tonnes in its 6m³ capacity bucket.

SDLG said that both will be available with different engines to suit the emissions requirements of the key sales territories, and the concept designs have been unveiled at a time when SDLG is developing its market share, despite a tough economic climate in many areas. The company claims to be one of the fastest growing construction equipment brands in Asia, with these new concept designs showcasing the company’s capabilities.
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Doosan’s DX300SLR-3 and SDLG excavators
LEFT: Doosan's DX300SLR-3 excavator is used in Szczecin, Poland, primarily for unloading aggregate from barges RIGHT: SDLG has lifted the covers on a new concept excavator
XCMG is also broadening its business operations into new markets, with a key focus being an increased share of the extraction industry segments.

Examples of this include the company’s new 50tonne class wheeled loader and its 45tonne class articulated dump truck.

Hanson Liu, assistant president and general manager of XCMG, explained that this widening shift also reflects the company’s transition from being an equipment supplier to becoming a solutions provider, a vital change in approach for markets such as the extraction industries.

The wheeled loader is the largest the company has ever made and features an array of new hydraulics and electronics. It is targeted at the quarry sector in particular.

Shanghai, China-based Lonking says that its new loaders, including its latest wheeled loader models, the CDM858, CDM856 and CDM835, meet a wide array of customer needs in different markets, and they offer high performance, reliability and durability. The CDM858 is powered by a Cummins QSB6.7 diesel rated at 164kW, which drives through a ZF transmission. The 17.5tonne machine has a 5tonne payload in its 3m³ bucket and is the company’s high specification model, designed for both the Chinese market and to suit export needs. The 17.3tonne CDM856 also features a 3m³ bucket and 5tonne capacity. It is driven by a China Stage III compliant 162kW Weichai diesel with a Lonking driveline and is designed for the Chinese market only.

The 12.3tonne CDM815 is powered by a Cummins diesel rated at 99kW and also features Lonking driveline components. It offers a 3.5tonne payload in its 2.3m³ bucket.

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