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25 March 2014

Babcock’s multi-million pound HME fleet management contract with RFS

First published24/03/2014
Rail Freight Services (RFS) has awarded Babcock International Group a multi-million five-year contract (with a five-year extension option) to provide a fleet managed service for its UK-based heavy mobile equipment (HME).

Babcock is using ALCAMiE, its proven method of delivery, to optimise the performance of RFS’s customised HME and specialist ancillary equipment located predominantly in Greater London, and Counties Essex and Kent. This customised toolbox of systems and processes will benefit RFS through delivering granular data that will drive strategic decisions, reduce ownership costs and enable the customer to focus on its core operations.

The contract sets service level guarantees, based around availability, that underpin Babcock’s performance in managing RFS’s HME. The service also offers the supply of additional servicesand the management and procurement of ground engaging tools (GET) and tyres. In delivering the contract, Babcock will transfer across to its team a small number of RFS employees that are critical to service delivery.

Jim Flatman, business manager (RFS) said: "We are committed to continually improve our performance through reliable machinery which, in turn, ensures an efficient and continued service for our customers.

“In partnering with Babcock, we can concentrate on what we do best: delivering a premier service in loading and unloading of railway wagons and waterborne vessels, leaving Babcock to support us with their asset management expertise."

Martin Lumsden, Babcock’s mining and construction head of operations (UK), said: “We are delighted to be awarded this new contract with Rail Freight Services, and look forward to partnering with them in transforming their fleet performance, sharing best practice and delivering long term benefits.

Babcock currently manages close on 30,000 vehicles and over 176,000 equipment stock lines globally, including a five –year HME fleet management contract with Aggregate Industries and a ten-year contract to manage Lafarge’s HME fleets within the UK, US and Canada. Babcock’s Mining & Construction team spans the UK, North Europe, North America and Australia as the organisation looks to new territories to deliver its proven capability in managing fleets.

RFS is the leading UK company for loading and unloading railway wagons and waterborne vessels, and delivers a seamless, sustainable and fully integrated transportation and logistics service, from source to delivery point for clients that include Hanson Aggregates, BAA, British Sugar and Tesco. Babcock will be exhibiting its specialist asset management capability at Hillhead 2014, taking stand P50 in the main pavilion as well as showcasing one of its new mining and construction mobile maintenance units (MMU) on the ramp. The MMU forms part of a fleet that’s helping to support its UK customers.

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