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25 July 2012

Kilsaran buys new Doosan MT31 ADT

First published24/07/2012
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The Doosan MT31 ADT bought by Kilsaran Concrete from Philip McCormack Plant
The Doosan MT31 ADT bought by Kilsaran Concrete from Philip McCormack Plant
Kilsaran Concrete, part of The Kilsaran Group, has purchased a new Doosan MT31 articulated dump truck (ADT) from Philip McCormack Plant for the company’s Gallstown Quarry at Grangebellew, County Louth, Ireland.

The Gallstown Quarry was acquired in the early 1990s as a green field site and has since been developed into a complete installation of crushing and screening, washing, blacktop, block making and ready-mix concrete facilities.

Formerly branded Moxy before the range was acquired by Doosan in 2008, this line of trucks has been purchased by The Kilsaran Group since the early 1990s.

The first to be bought was the MT30 model in 1992, since when the company has purchased different generations of the MT31 model, with the latest machine at Gallstown Quarry being the third generation of the MT31 truck to be run by Kilsaran.

The trucks are also maintained under service contracts run by Philip McCormack Plant, which helps ensure that Kilsaran receives a “very good residual value for the Doosan trucks even for those with well over 20,000 working hours.”

Peter Ryan, location manager at the Gallstown Quarry, said: “As well as the high residual value, it was the attractive package offered by Philip McCormack Plant that clinched the deal for the new MT31.”

Founded by the late Patrick McKeown in 1964, The Kilsaran Group is a family-owned and run business that has grown to become Ireland’s largest independent manufacturer of concrete products. Despite its growth over the last 50 years, the company has succeeded in retaining its family values throughout the business by working as a team that prides itself on its honesty, integrity and transparency.

Peter Ryan added: “Philip McCormack Plant is also a family run business and we deal closely with both Philips, father and son, at the company, who offer us a very close, personal service that matches the way we like to do business.”

Kilsaran Concrete started commercial rock extraction at Gallstown in 1995 and since then routine environmental monitoring of noise and dust has been carried out on a regular basis.

The quarry is operated to the highest environmental standards, with procedures, practices and policies adopted to minimise the impact of the quarry on all aspects of the local environment. This includes the implementation of a self-imposed environmental management system.

Kilsaran Concrete is a member of the Irish Concrete Federation (ICF), which represents 95% of the production output in the quarrying/concrete products sector in the Republic of Ireland.

The quarry has been honoured with a Five Star Award in the ICF’s biannual national Green Aggregates Award, an initiative promoting good environmental-management practices and operational performance.

Following hard on the heels of this achievement, Kilsaran Concrete entered the UEPG (European Aggregates Association) Sustainable Development Awards, where it was presented with a Special Award for Outstanding Team Dedication in the Environmental Best Practice category, in recognition of the good practice in evidence at Gallstown Quarry.

The greywacke deposit at Gallstown possesses significant attributes in terms of its quality and physical properties, including a high polished-stone value of 65 and low aggregate impact and aggregate abrasion values.

The stone is used as a construction material in a broad range of applications, including high-quality surface-dressings. It is suitable for use in all road-surfacing projects including motorway construction.

The quarry produces a range of aggregates, asphalt and macadam, hardcore and fill materials. Ready-mixed concrete and concrete blocks are also manufactured on site in a modern plant utilising raw materials from the quarry.

Weighing in at 22.7tonne, the MT31 ADT features a Scania DC9 engine providing a gross power output of 255kW at 2,200rpm; a maximum 28tonne payload; central lubrication; a rear view camera and permanent six-wheel drive.

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