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21 June 2016

LiuGong chairman Zeng Guang’an hails progress of Dressta brand

First published20/06/2016
LiuGong chairman Zeng Guang’an has described how the Chinese construction equipment manufacturing giant has turned Dressta, its Polish crawler dozer brand, into a “viable, globally competitive business”.

Speaking at the China-Poland Business Forum in Warsaw attended by Chinese President Xi Jinping’s during his state visit to Poland, Guang’an said: “In the past four and half years, LiuGong has invested heavily to build the core success factors to drive business improvement including technology & product line upgrades, quality improvement, risk management, supply chain improvement, marketing promotion, among others.

“Today, I am very proud to say that LiuGong’s resources and support over the last four years have allowed our investments in Poland to recover from near bankruptcy to a viable, globally competitive business.”

Organised by the China Chamber of International Commerce, the Forum heard how LiuGong’s February 2012 purchase of HSW’s civilian machinery division, Dressta, and later its related gears and transmissions plant, ZZN, is still the largest in Poland for a Chinese corporation. Since the handover, LiuGong has invested around US$140 million into the operation, which is now known as LiuGong Dressta Machinery.

With the acquisition, LiuGong obtained more than just the manufacturing technology of a full line of crawler dozers: it also gained a foothold to quickly enter the European market. Guang’an added: “We are investing and building our operations in Poland into our European headquarters. It includes R&D, purchasing, manufacturing, marketing & sales, service.”

LiuGong’s Polish operations have created 1,280 jobs and recruited new talent from outside of Poland and around the EU. Dressta’s dozer market is expanded in North America, Latin America, and Asia Pacific. Meanwhile, joint research & development work between LiuGong’s Central R&D in China and the R&D team in Poland has driven rapid advances in LiuGong technology capabilities.

Keen to work with the local Polish community, LiuGong is cooperating with local colleges to provide graduate internships. LiuGong Dressta has been honoured with the FDI Poland Investor Award and the Best Employee Award.

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