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31 October 2014

LiuGong Dressta awarded 2014 top Chinese investor in Poland

First published30/10/2014
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Hou Yubo at the awards ceremony with the award
Hou Yubo at the awards ceremony with the award
LiuGong Dressta Machinery has been awarded 2014 Top Chinese Investor in Poland.

The awards ceremony for the 2014 Top Foreign Direct Investors in Poland, which was hosted by Biz Poland Magazine and co-organised by The Polish Information and Foreign Investment Agency; Special Economic Zones in Poland and the Chamber of Commerce of Poland, was held in Warsaw.

The award was evaluated by a judging committee, and the evaluation covered several important aspects such as investment scale; the strategic meaning to Poland’s economy and development; jobs opportunities and staff satisfaction.

LiuGong spent more than $50 million acquiring HSW in January, 2012, and it acquired the Polish ZZN company in October, 2013. It has provided 1,800 jobs in Poland and thus became the biggest Chinese enterprise in the country.

LiuGong Dressta says it aims to become the research and development; purchase; manufacturing; sales and talent cultivation base tailored for the Europe and American top-end market.

Hou Yubo, general manager assistant of LiuGong Dressta, received the award, and said: “This award is not only the high praise for the investor, but also the recognition for continuous effort and co-operation between Chinese and Polish staff.”

Zeng Guang’an, chairman of LiuGong Machinery, said: “This award inspires all the staff of LiuGong Dressta. It also proves that LiuGong’s corporate management concept and social responsibility can surely compete with the world-class enterprises.”

Xu Jian, the Chinese ambassador to Poland, spoke of LiuGong’s investment in Poland.

“LiuGong is the biggest Chinese enterprise that invests in Poland. I think it has set a very successful example. I also hope that more enterprises can explore the Polish market and invest in Poland like LiuGong.”

Janusz Piechociński, Deputy Prime Minister, Minister of the Economy of Poland, said: “Although LiuGong Dressta is located in Stalowa Wola, which is very far from LiuGong’s headquarters in China, the cooperation between China and Poland has become more harmonious by the continuous efforts of all the staff, which provides important experience for further cooperation between China and Poland.”

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