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18 November 2011

New book on hydraulic excavators

First published05/03/2012
A new book on hydraulic excavators is being published containing over 400 photographs.

Hydraulic Excavators: Quarrying & Mining Applications has been compiled by Rob Sinclair, an enthusiast on the subject for some 36 years (since the age of four).

The heavyweight publication is a book that covers hydraulic excavators in both product technical detail and their usage in quarrying and mining applications, and typically larger models are featured due to their more frequent role as prime movers.

The primary focus is the hydraulic excavator, but in order to determine why a certain size and configuration should be selected, an understanding of the application is of course required.

Therefore, in addition to describing reasons for their selection and how the application is undertaken, the book details how performance can be calculated and provides numerous examples of actual production volumes achieved when extracting various types of materials by the use of explosives and direct methods.

In total more than 75 (not including series change) excavator models are featured and the photographs are used to show the machines at work in Europe, South Africa and North America.

Sinclair says that with the increasing need for a considerable array of minerals and the five-stages of quarrying and mining is provided in order to understand why the hydraulic excavator is such common place in these industries.

The book was written primarily for all who are involved with hydraulic excavators, quarrying and mining applications. But is also for young people whose intention is to work in these industries.

“Thus upon reading an in-depth understanding will be acquired,” says Sinclair.

Hydraulic Excavators: Quarrying & Mining Applications will be available at Amazon from 14-15 December, 2011.

ISBN: 978-1-906148-35-5

Portrait: 320mm x 270mm

388 pages


Price: £45
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