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03 August 2015

RDS achieves self-verification status with LOADMASTER

First published30/07/2015
RDS Technology says that it has received accreditation for its LOADMASTER a100,a ‘legal for trade’ weigher, enabling products to be sold from the printed ticket.

The company says that typically fitted to a wheeled loading shovel, the unit “effectively transforms the loader into a mobile weighbridge which conforms to class Y(b) levels of accuracy (and OIML only in the UK).

The company’s quality system for production, testing and final product inspection was subject to scrutiny by the National Measurement Office, with RDS fulfilling its obligations laid down by the Measuring Instruments Directive 2004/22/EC.

“Subject to a signed agreement and passing a rigorous training programme, the RDS European distributor network can install LOADMASTER a100 systems and now also calibrate and verify them suitable for use in Class IIII commercial transactions,” says RDS.

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