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26 October 2016

Terex Trucks names F Icaza as its partner in Panama

First published20/10/2016
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Terex Trucks TA400 articulated dump truck
Terex Trucks TA400 38tonne articulated dump truck
Family-owned equipment supplier F Icaza has been appointed the official Terex Trucks parts, sales, service and maintenance provider of articulated and rigid haulers in the Republic of Panama. Headquartered in Panama City, the company boasts five branches across the country and has a long history in the construction industry.

“It’s with great pleasure we welcome Terex Trucks to the F Icaza family,” said Adolfo Icaza, president of F Icaza. “The addition of the respected haulers to our range means that we can now offer customers trucks with a greater payload – boosting optimal productivity and lowering operational costs.”

Founded in 1865, F Icaza initially represented veterinary medical products and home appliances. The company later moved into construction equipment following the heady days when the Panama Canal was first built, and finally, in 1946 a collaboration with Allis Chalmers Corporation helped F Icaza settle in the world of heavy equipment machinery.

Mike Quaranto, regional sales manager at Terex Trucks, said: “Established over 150 years ago, F Icaza prides itself on providing quality support to its customers in the segments served, and at Terex Trucks we couldn’t think of a better company to partner with in Panama.”

With customers operating across the development of infrastructure, mining, road maintenance, and housing, F Icaza has a strong portfolio of leading construction equipment brands. The time-honoured company also recently celebrated its 150th anniversary, and in the last quarter of 2016 F Icaza will open the door to its new Panama East located facility.

South of Costa Rica and north of Colombia, Panama is the southernmost of the Central American nations, with a population of nearly four million people. An exporter of gold, iron and steel waste, sugar, and watermelons, Panama is chief among the international maritime trade thanks to the eponymous Panama Canal. The recent achievement of the expansion of the Canal enables the country to handle around 80% of the world’s cargo ships. However in the years leading up to the Canal’s completion, Panama’s economy succumbed to the global recession, and its growth started to slow. Nonetheless, regarded a young and enthusiastic culture, Panama’s market still holds much promise and is especially attractive where construction is concerned.

Adolfo explained: “Panama is a free market economy built mostly on the service sector as opposed to the construction industry. That said, in the last decade there was a lot of construction, notably, the work on completing the Canal expansion. Post Canal the market is currently in a cool down phase, and once that is over we foresee strong growth and demand for rigid dump trucks to increase.”

Made in Motherwell, Scotland, Terex Trucks’ four rigid dump trucks – the TR45, TR60, TR70, and TR100 – offer payloads ranging from 41 to 91 tonnes, while its three models of articulated haulers – TA250, TA300, and TA400 – provide payloads from 25 to 38 tonnes. The proven performers present the perfect balance of power, torque, and effective gearing, coupled with optimum weight distribution to move more material in less time, with less fuel.

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