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27 April 2015

XCMG XE370CA excavators build trade highway in Benin Republic, West Africa

First published15/04/2015
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XCMG XE370CA excavator
An XCMG XE370CA excavator working on the A-B Highway in the Benin Republic, West Africa
Eight XCMG XE370CA excavators are working day and night, digging deep ditches and breaking solid rocks, to help build the A-B Highway in the Benin Republic, West Africa. The project is key to developing the Benin’s economic and trade relations with its neighbouring West African countries.

“XCMG excavators boast reliable performance, high efficiency and excellent fuel efficiency. During highway construction, an excavator needs to be equipped with a variety of working devices and only simple commissioning is needed for continuous construction in time of device exchange. Therefore, a lot of time can be saved.” The A-B Highway project director is said to have told Qi Haihang, XCMG’s service engineer in Benin, during his regular inspection of XCMG products involved in the works.

XE370CA excavators are said to be characterised by high-end configurations, superior performance, strong mining power, comfortable operation and convenient maintenance, free of any failure after nine months’ high-strength continuous operation. The XE370CA won the design innovation gold award in 2013’s China’s TOP50 Construction Machinery Products of the Year Awards by virtue of its outstanding working skills at large construction sites at home and abroad.

In recent years, XCMG says it has been constantly expanding its overseas excavator market. The firm states there are nearly 1,000 of its excavators working in 27 African countries, with teams of overseas service engineers following the XCMG products to provide customers with a full range of technical support, services and spare parts.

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