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Bathgate’s Volvo continues trend

First publishedon www.AggBusiness.com
2012 September
Volvo trend
A brand new Volvo L150G loading shovel has been delivered to Bathgate Silica Sand, Arclid, County Cheshire, England, to take over as the prime mover at the company’s soil and sand mixing plant.

The 25tonne loading shovel continues a trend at Bathgate Silica Sand, replacing an L180C that had clocked up 22,000 hours and it joins two L220 models that are engaged in primary extraction in Bathgate’s sand quarry.

“Once again we’ve decided to invest in a Volvo service agreement for the new L150G for complete peace of mind,” says Bathgate’s general manager Dave Robinson.

Featuring a 13litre Stage IIIB-compliant engine, OptiShift transmission and axles all designed and manufactured by Volvo, the L150G has a full turn tipping load of 17.2tonnes and a 20% increase in lifting force and 10% increase in breakout force over its predecessor.

“This coupled to the engine output with high torque at low engine rpm has resulted in faster cycle times and increased productivity. Two stronger, variable displacement load-bearing axial piston pumps and hoses have been introduced to handle the increased pressures,” says Volvo.

“These provide superior control of the load and attachments, as well as high breakout force, faster lifting and tilt functions. A new hydraulic cooling system has been designed to reduce the working temperatures by up to 20oC over the F series model.

Fuel savings are further enhanced by the Volvo Eco pedal encouraging the operator to run the machine at its optimum rpm in the engine’s torque curve.”

In charge of Bathgate’s soil and sand blending plant, the L150G will re-handle incoming soils and sands for blending, feed a trommel screen and drier as well as load out trucks with the finished product amounting to approximately 30,000tonnes/year.

The machine has been fitted with a standard 4.4m³ straight lipped bucket and an RDS Technology Loadmaster weighing system.”

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