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Bell launches new loader range

First publishedon www.AggBusiness.com
2008 November December
Wheeled loader carrying gravel in quarry
Bell Equipment has unveiled its new E Series wheeled loaders and announced that the machines will be made available in the UK market for the first time, with a view to rolling them out to the rest of Europe at a later date.

The new E Series features seven machines aimed at the utility and aggregate production markets but Bell claims that it is the specification that distinguishes the range from others already available on the market. Standard features include ride control, reverse radar object detection, reverse camera, on-board weighing system, automatic reversing fan, luxury seat, cab and controls and keyless start with security access codes.

The machines are the latest to come from Bell's partnership with John Deere which started in 1996 when Deere represented Bell ADTs in the US. The arrangement was formalised in 1999 when Deere took a 32% stake in Bell and Bell started to manufacture Deere wheeled loaders in South Africa to be sold under the Bell brand. "Launch of the machines is the culmination of a two year project," said Bell UK sales support manager Josh Foster. "The machines have undergone extensive testing by both customers and authorities in the UK to demonstrate our commitment to the market." Speaking at the launch Bell CEO Gary Bell said, "Some people may question our choice of the UK market for the first launch given the current turbulent state of the market. But we are not in a hurry to establish the business and this launch is part of putting down the roots and creating the infrastructure to allow us to properly support our customers and grow in the years to come. We are not taking a big bang approach and looking to take a large chunk of the market overnight but to slowly grow our market share." All the machines are powered by turbo-charged John Deere units which feature starter protection, auto engine de-rating and wet sleeve piston liners. Production class models all feature the Powertech Plus engine that includes cooled exhaust gas recirculation and a variable turbo.

Transmissions can be switched from automatic to manual and have automatic recalibration and a programmable maximum gearing to allow owners to limit the top speed. The machine also feature wet disk brakes as standard, abuse proof diff locks and a handbrake that automatically engages if the engine is switched off or stalls.

Maintenance has also been improved with longer service intervals and all daily checks carried out at ground level from the same point. The in-cab display also has a reminder list for the daily checks.

According to Foster, Bell would ultimately like to be one of the top three wheeled loader manufacturers in the UK but refused to put a time span on achieving this. "We want to do business differently," he said. "We want to make it more personal." On the subject of roll out of the new range to the rest of Europe, Bell Equipment Europe managing director Marc Schurmann said, "There is no date set to make the new E Series available elsewhere in Europe as yet. The plan is to establish the machines in the UK market first and there is also the issue of Bell's agreement with Liebherr in the rest of Europe. But as Liebherr is working on development of its own ADT range the launch of those new machines may dictate when the when Bell's wheeled loaders will be made more widely available."


Manufacturer: Bell
Models: E Series wheeled loaders Bucket capacities: 1.9m3 (L1204E) to 4.6m3 (L2706E) Operating weights: 11.2 to 26.2tonnes
Full turn tipping load: 7.9 to 17.5tonnes
Engines: John Deere units

Special features:
Ground level daily check access; Keyless security start; On-board weighing system; Auto engine idle and shut down

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