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Bell talks fuel and will unveil E-Series at Hillhead

First publishedin Aggregates Business Europe
March April 2012
Bell Equipment B30E ADT
Bell Equipment is to launch its much-anticipated E-Series ADT at Hillhead, while driving home the importance of fuel-efficiency.

“With a new-shape hood, more imposing styling and extensive technological improvements, the E-series looks well poised to grow Bell Equipment’s proud heritage as a premium ADT supplier and is planned to go into production in 2013,” says the company.

“The E-Series promises higher payloads across the range as well as improved safety features and better durability.”

The 30tonne B30E on show at Hillhead will share the stand with a selection Bell’s current D-Series ADTs.

Bell will also be exhibiting four-wheeled loaders while stressing the importance of fuel-efficiency, which “Bell has championed long before the current rise in fuel prices.”

The company says that coupled with innovations such as Bell’s advanced Fleetm@tic telematics system, it has helped operators drive down production costs by as much as 15%.  

Neville Paynter, managing director of Bell UK, said: “The E-Series has been in development for the past five years, and is still undergoing the most stringent testing procedures we’ve ever carried out.

“The ‘E’ very much stands for ‘Evolutionary’, as we have very much built on the fine legacy of our D–Series range and our decades of experience in design and manufacture rather than opt for a revolutionary clean-sheet design.

“It will be some time before the E-Series arrives in the UK, but we hope showing this B30E at Hillhead will create a clear message that Bell continues to provide its customers with technology capable of boosting production and reducing costs.”

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