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Excavator upgrade

First publishedon www.AggBusiness.com
2008 September October
Volvo excavators digging in rocks
Volvo has released upgraded C-series versions of its EC460 and EC700 excavators, which the company claims offer improved fuel efficiency and reliability.

The EC460CL weighs in at between 45.6 and 48.3tonnes depending on the specification and is aimed at the in general contracting, quarrying, large scale bulk earthmoving and pipe laying markets. The machine can also be specified with various undercarriage options, the largest of which places the machine in the 51tonne weight class.

According to Volvo, similar specifications on the EC700CL, which is nominally a 70tonne machine, place it on the same performance level as 80tonne class excavators. The company claims that this makes the machine ideal for mass excavation, production trenching, rock face stripping or mine loading.

These new machines also feature a more rugged undercarriage and superstructure. Strengthened high tensile steel undercarriage frames absorb stress with rigid strength, while reliable, reinforced, doubled welded booms and arms offer capacity, reach and force. Sealed-for-life, greased track link prevents leaks, reduces noise and ensures longevity. Protected hydraulic lines and bolt shields prevent collision damage.

Both are powered by Volvo's V-ACT engines - a 235kW unit for the EC460CL and a 316kW one for the EC700CL. The power plant is coupled with intelligent hydraulics that provide boom, arm and swing priority. In-cab, operator selectable hydraulic flow and pressure increases performance, especially when regularly changing attachments.

Volvo claims that one of the key developments on the new C-series machines is the improvement in operator comfort. The revised cab design offers more space, improved climate control, better visibility and intuitive, easy to use controls. The visual display has also been improved using LCD technology.

Optional equipment available for both the EC460CL and EC700CL includes hydraulic kits to maximize machine performance, a choice of Quick Fits to speed attachment change, factory or dealer-fit FOG (Falling Object Guard) and FOPS (Falling Object Protective Structure) cab protection, rear view camera, full length derailing shield and a wide range of operator seats. For ease of transportation, a hydraulically removable counterweight is also available.


Manufacturer: Volvo
Model: EC460CL and EC700CL Engine power: 235kW and 316kW
Operating weight: 45.6-51tonnes and 68.3-70.6tonnes
Breakout force: 244.2kN and 356kN
Bucket capacity: Up to 3.7m3 and 5.2m3

Special features: Variable undercarriage; Improved cab design; Optional additional cab protection Volvo has launched upgraded C-series versions of the EC460 and EC700 excavators

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