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Komatsu launches hybrid excavator

First publishedon www.AggBusiness.com
2008 September October
Picture Komatsu PC200-8 excavtor
Komatsu has announced that it has added a hybrid powered excavator to its product

line-up, which the company claims offers significant reductions in fuel consumption compared to conventional diesel powered machines. The PC200-8 machine was formerly launched in June for the Japanese market and a spokesman for the company said that it is planned to be launched in other markets later but no date has yet been set.

The machine is powered by the Komatsu Hybrid System which uses a newly developed electric motor to turn the upper structure and also uses a power generation motor, a capacitor and a diesel engine for power. The system converts energy generated when the upper structure reduces its speed while turning and stores it in the capacitor ready to assist the power of the engine during acceleration. Komatsu has said that using the regenerated power to supplement the engine power allows the diesel engine to be operated at lower revs, which offers higher efficiency combustion.

The launch of the hybrid powered excavator follows on from the company's commercial production of hybrid powered forklifts since May last year.

According to Komatsu, the hybrid model of the PC200-8 uses 25% less fuel than the conventionally powered PC200-8 but field testing of the machine has produced savings of around 40% in some applications.


Manufacturer: Komatsu
Model: PC200-8 excavator Operating weight: 20tonnes Power: Hybrid - electric motor and diesel engine

Special features: Offers at least 25% lower fuel costs; lower emissions

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