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First publishedon www.AggBusiness.com
2008 March April
Front of Telestack with truck unloading converyor in front
Telestack's latest development brings mobile technology to the truck unloading conveyor market. The company developed the system specifically for an iron ore mining site in Goa, India but believe that it could offer significant benefits to the quarrying market worldwide.

"Truck unloading systems do already exist but the one we have developed for Fomento is different in the fact that it is a fully mobile unit," said Telestack international sales manager Phillip Wardell. "The tracked unit can be moved in 10 to 15minutes to a new location."

This was an essential part of the brief for Telestack from Fomento because the company wanted to able to use the conveyor to feed stockpiles and load barges. "Material from the mine is brought down to the stock yard by a fleet of 14tonne Tata trucks," explained Wardell. "But the current unloading of the trucks and use of a wheeled loader or labour to load the stockpiling conveyor was creating a bottleneck and slowing production. The truck unloader allows the trucks to discharge straight into the hopper." The system developed for Foment has a capacity of around 1,200tonnes per hour and can be used to create 60,000tonne stockpiles. According to Wardell, the limiting factor in the capacity of the unloading conveyor is the number of trucks available to feed it.

Commissioning of Fomento truck unloading conveyor was carried out in March and Telestack expects the system to significantly improve the production levels within the stock yard.


Model: Truck unloading conveyor Capacity: 1200tonnes per hour Engine: 66kW Deutz
Discharge height: 4.4 to 6.1m Feed height: 0.47m

Special features: Dual sided discharge hopper; 1.8m wide 3ply conveyor belt; fully mobile with 4m wide track

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