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Loughran first with Doosan DX700LC

First publishedin Aggregates Business Europe on www.AggBusiness.com
2012 July August
70tonne Doosan DX700LC crawler excavator
The first 70tonne Doosan DX700LC crawler excavator in the UK and Ireland has been sold to Loughran Rock Industries, Armagh, Northern Ireland, by Northern Excavators, which is based at Hillsborough.

The arrival of the machine means Loughran Rock has replaced two 50tonne excavators while increasing production levels. In addition, there are deep beds of shale at the quarry that can now be excavated using the larger DX700LC excavator.

Company owner, Patrick Loughran, said: “The new DX700LC excavator is the largest in the range of Doosan crawler excavators and is designed and built to meet the needs of heavy quarrying and other similar applications. The gritstone we produce is a quality product that is pretty abrasive to deal with.

“Once we’ve drilled and blasted out the rock, the DX700LC excavator continuously loads the gritstone into two 60tonne rigid dump trucks which take it to our crusher plant for use mainly in the production of concrete and asphalt.”

Over the last 17 years, Loughran has purchased selection of Doosan products including the more recent DX140LC excavator and DL400 wheel loader products.

The DX700LC’s long carriage (LC) design in combination with the undercarriage expanded to its maximum working width of 4,000mm is said to offer optimum stability and safety in all kinds of digging, lifting and loading applications.

Equipped with the EU-approved 2,900mm arm, the DX700LC offers a maximum digging depth of 7,765mm; a maximum digging height of 12,080mm; a maximum digging reach of 12,715mm and a dump height of 8,180mm. The minimum swing radius is 4,090mm.

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