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Martin Engineering launches Forever Belt Cleaner Guarantee

First publishedin Aggregates Business International
January February 2017
Martin Engineering conveyor belt cleaning systems
In what is said to be a first among manufacturers of conveyor belt cleaning systems for the world’s bulk material handling industry, Martin Engineering is offering lifetime no-cost replacement of tensioners and mainframes for belt cleaners that are fitted exclusively with the company’s cleaner blades.

Under the Forever Belt Cleaner Guarantee, Martin Engineering will provide replacement parts as required, for all cleaner assemblies using its urethane belt scrapers, regardless of model or blade type.

The company’s replacement blades are mixed, formed and cured in a computer-controlled, modular work station designed and built by the company’s engineers, rather than subcontracting the production as some suppliers do. This process is said to allow for the highest quality control and a one-day turnaround on most orders.

Engineered to effectively remove carryback, reduce material loss and provide longer belt life, the six colour-coded blade types are said to allow operators to perfectly match urethane compounds to the specific belt, speed and types of material. Some blade types are designed to perform under extreme temperatures as low as -40ºF and as high as 300ºF.

Martin Engineering primary cleaners are produced using the patented Constant-Area Radial Pressure (CARP) curved design, first introduced by Martin, to deliver consistent cleaning throughout all stages of blade life.

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