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2008 November December
Cat D11T bull dozes rubble in quarry
Caterpillar has added the D11T dozer to its product range and claims the new machine offers reliable performance, long life and low cost per tonne production.

The machine also features a number of safety improvements for the operator including a hydraulically actuated access ladder and a two-camera Work Area Vision System (WAVS).

The D11T is also available in a 'CarryDozer' configuration - the D11T CD - which, according to Cat, helps to maximise productivity when moving large loads over long distances or up steep slopes. Both versions of the machine are powered by a 634kW Cat C32 engine.

Standard features on both models include the external ROPS/FOPS structure, which offers protection for the operator and an ergonomically designed T-Series cab to help reduce operator fatigue and promotes efficient machine operation. The nine-lamp HID lighting package enhances visibility during night operation. The headlights can be left on for up to 10 minutes and will turn off automatically, allowing the operator to exit the machine at night while the area is illuminated.

Two under-bonnet service lamps illuminate the engine compartment for safer, faster service in dark conditions. A disconnect switch locks out all electrical power when necessary, and a second switch cuts power to the starter only, while keeping main power available for diagnostics.

Cat claims that the electro-hydraulic controls make the D11T and D11T CD easy to operate productively over long shifts. The dozer control can be programmed using the advisor panel to preset blade response, blade float, blade pitch and spread rate. The ripper control is also programmable and features auto lift, shank out and auto stow functions.

To boost productivity in high-production jobs with carry distances that exceed 30m, the machine can be ordered with AutoCarry. This option provides automatic blade control (raise and lower only) during the carry segment of the dozing cycle. Computer Aided Earthmoving System (CAES) also is available as an option to increase productivity by guiding the operator in placing material in the right place the first time.


Manufacturer: Caterpillar
Model: D11T dozer
Engine: 634kW C32
Operating weight: 104tonnes Blade capacity: 27.2 - 34.4m3

Special features: Improved safety features; Available in a CarryDozer configuration; Optional AutoCarry

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