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New features for Doosan ADTs

First publishedin Aggregates Business Europe
2013 July August
Doosan's DA40 ADT
Several new developments in the Doosan Construction Equipment’s DA30 and DA40 articulated dump trucks (ADTs) are aimed at increasing safety and productivity.

The Doosan range of ADTs already feature an articulation hinge behind the turning ring to provide equal weight distribution even during maximum turning and ensure full contact between the tyres and the road surface. The trucks also have a flexible and agile undercarriage incorporating a free-swinging rear tandem bogie that further guarantees permanent six-wheel drive for equal power distribution and excellent driving performance in difficult terrain.

Doosan says the sloping body design also enhances the stability of the trucks due to its low centre of gravity, and allows fast and easy tipping, even in the most demanding conditions.  

Now the company has developed and introduced a new Levelling Meter to meet increased safety requirements in the quarry industry. It utilises rotation sensors installed on the front and body of the truck to provide a continuous stream of data, which is converted into graphical readouts on the control panel giving the status to the driver, advising whether or not it is safe to drive the truck forward and to stop if there is a danger of turning the body of the truck over.  

Other safety features being added by Doosan are Lexan headlight guards, providing improved protection when working on applications in poor light or at night.

The company is also offering a limited maximum speed option for improved safety particularly in the quarrying and mining industries.

To complement the safety features of Doosan ADTs, the company has developed new systems to provide immediate fault detection in several languages along with a new Payload and Cycle Count Meter for the DA30 and DA40 ADTs, while the new Economy mode controls the engine rated speed on the company’s DA range ADTs automatically when it is activated.

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