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Philippi-Hagenbuch Autogate Tailgates

First publishedin Aggregates Business International
January February 2018
PHIL Tailgate_Cat 772.jpg

Philippi-Hagenbuch, a global leader in off-highway truck customisation, is due to showcase customisation options for its Autogate Tailgates during AGG1, 6-8 March 2018.

The U.S. firm designed the Autogate Tailgate specifically to maximise haul truck utilisation. The company says the solution effectively increases haul capacities by as much as 20%, while also providing added safety and extended tyre life. Philippi-Hagenbuch tailgates include models suited for both articulated and rigid frame trucks, making them the ideal solution for everything from quarries to coal mines.

Each model within the Autogate series comes with a specific spec. This tailored approach serves to not only eliminate spillage from the rear of the bed, but also prevents side spillage — even when driving on inclines or making sharp turns. By blending the novel design and customised fit with the specific truck requirements, such as increased height clearance or enhanced capacity, the Autogate Tailgates are said to flow with the overall truck design, enhancing capacity while also ensuring balanced load distribution for easy manoeuvring and enhanced safety. 

Extending beyond simply increasing capacities, Philippi-Hagenbuch Autogate Tailgates are said to offer the added benefit of longer tyre life and reduced maintenance by increasing the load target and providing a more centred and evenly distributed load. This optimised balance of the load further enhances safety while driving in adverse or uneven terrain. Operating without a tailgate often results in front-loading of the trucks, which causes added weight and stress on the front tyres, significantly accelerating wear.

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