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22 February 2018

CEMEX adds 279 Construrama stores in Latin America

First publishedon www.AggBusiness.com

CEMEX added 279 new Construrama stores in Mexico and other Latin American countries in 2017, reaching 2,296 stores. Construrama is now positioned as the largest retail building materials distribution network with the greatest coverage in the region.

In 2001, CEMEX developed the Construrama network in order to unify the strength of its distributors, support the development of local hardware store owners, and expand its coverage in the construction industry. It currently has 1,842 stores in Mexico and 454 stores in Colombia, Costa Rica, El Salvador, Nicaragua, Puerto Rico, and the Dominican Republic.

Among other benefits, Construrama dealers receive customer service training, sales strategies, loyalty programs, support with marketing materials, and strategic alliances with suppliers to offer value-added commercial advantages.

"Two of the main objectives of Construrama are customer-centric growth and professionalism. At CEMEX, we clearly understand that expanding our coverage and offering an excellent client experience will continue to position Construrama as the best building materials distribution network in Mexico," said Sergio Menendez, vice president of Distributor Sales, CEMEX Mexico.

"Construrama represents the advantages of being part of a global company such as CEMEX, while enabling us to offer the same high quality of customer service across different geographies," said Andrés Jiménez, Distribution Channel Segment regional leader and president of CEMEX Panama. "It is also a way to get closer to our customers, distributors and final consumers, encouraging the growth of small and medium entrepreneurs from different countries."

CEMEX Mexico grants its "Seal of the House" recognition to Construrama store owners in order to support their business growth by providing them with tools to improve their productivity and enable them to achieve operational, service, and image excellence in relevant areas such as sales, deliveries, personnel and warehouse management.

During 2017, 153 Construrama stores earned this distinction, reaching a total of 285.

To strengthen the network, CEMEX founded Construrama University, a professional development program that offers training on business administration, point-of-sale execution, and other tools to drive its development.

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