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28 July 2014

Italian construction equipment market grows in H1

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Paolo Venturi
We are quite far from a stable and long-lasting recovery - Paolo Venturi
Over the first six months of 2014, sales of construction equipment in the Italian market have been 3,134, an increase of 16% compared to the previous year.

By analysing sales results, the figure consists of 3,095 earthmoving machines (+16%) and 39 road machines (-7%).

Paolo Venturi, president of Unacea (the Italian Construction Equipment Association), said: “After six years of crisis, which have progressively reduced the Italian market of construction equipment up to 80% less, this increase is not surprising us at all and it is just related to the fleet’s obsolescence.

“Anyway, we are quite far from a stable and long-lasting recovery. We require a certain and determined intervention of the government and our needs are two at least: first of all, a serious plan to combat the country’s hydrogeological instability, to save human lives and create new jobs useful for the community. Secondly, we ask for a programme of substitution of the present fleet with new generation equipment. In our opinion, in this way we may create a more tangible and effective increase in safety and environmental respect.”

Unacea forecasts the value of the Italian production around €2.5 billion in 2013, that is 52% less than the peak of 2008 (€5.216 billion).

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Foreign trade/Italian market

 The Italian industry of construction equipment and attachments directly employs about 6,000 people, with related industries employing another 30,000. In 2014, Unacea foresees a weak increase between 2-4%.

According to data released by the Italian Institute for Statistics, and processed by Unacea, in the first four-months period of 2014 exports of construction equipment have reached €765 million in value, a 2% growth on year basis.

Exports of road machines are particularly positive (+16%), the export of crushing and screening equipment (+8%), concrete equipment (+6%) and earthmoving machines (+3%), also grew.

The export of tower cranes remains stable, while the export of drilling machines dropped by 14%).

In the wake of the recovery of the domestic market, imports grow by 23%, with a value of €140 million.

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