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CDE’s ‘new development phase’ R2500 plant

First publishedin Aggregates Business Europe & International
July August 2014
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CDE new R2500 dry screening plant
CDE has introduced the new R2500 dry screening plant

CDE Global says it has embarked on a new phase of development with the launch of a new R2500 dry screening plant.

The R2500 is a static primary screening unit said to be capable of processing over 500tonnes/hour in quarrying, recycling and mining operations. It seamlessly integrates into an existing or new washing system and ensures an increase in efficiency immediately. The R2500 is electric, resulting in a substantial saving in fuel costs and a quieter, more environmentally-friendly operation.

CDE Sales Director Enda Ivanoff said, “We recognised an opportunity to better service our high tonnage markets in the most efficient way and to provide our customers with a complete CDE solution across the four sectors in which we operate: Construction and Recycling, Mining, Environmental and Industrial Sands.” The R2500 can be introduced to quarrying, recycling and mining operations where a range of difficult materials are being processed including crushed rock, topsoil, scalpings, iron ore and construction and demolition waste.

Features of the R2500 include a patent pending laminate side-wall design on the ProGrade P2-75/R screen which has zero welds resulting in a stronger, lighter screen which requires less power and is galvanised as standard. The lattice design screen has a reduced mass and ensures more energy is transferred to the material guaranteeing superior screening performance. The ProGrade P2-75/R screen has FEA (Finite Element Analysis) verification, and is an integral part of the CDE range, featured on the R2500, M2500 and M4500. All FEA results are verified with onsite physical testing procedures.  Physical tests have also been carried out on the R2500 within the dedicated ProGrade screen testing facility at CDE.

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