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Harping about the benefits

First publishedin Aggregates Business Europe
2010 September October
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ABE SO 10 P 48 1
Major Wire claims its LFM Harp Wire offers performance benefits
Increased throughput could be achieved through use of LFM Harp Wire over standard harp or piano wire while reducing downtime caused by worn wire cloth, according to its manufacturer Major Wire.

The Canada-based producer said that standard harp or piano wire screens use hard metal or plastic slides to hold the wires in place at the crown bar so the wires vibrate against the slides, which in turn vibrate against the crown, causing breakage. The company said that LFM Harp Wire is manufactured with straight wires firmly moulded into polyurethane strips that hold the wires in place at the crown bar.

With its wires embedded into flexible polyurethane strips instead of rigid slides, LFM Harp Wire eliminates this steel-on-steel wear. The polyurethane strips at the crown bars keep the wires equally tensioned, creating better wire vibration when compared to traditional harp or woven wire cloth, reducing blinding and increasing production of a cleaner aggregate product.

Major Wire has also said that LFM's design allows it to handle high-impact loads better and lasts up to twice as long as conventional harp and piano wire.

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