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Baioni says saving water a “must”

First publishedin Aggregates Business Europe & International
March April 2016
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Baioni water treatment system
The fully automatic Baioni water treatment system allows it to optimise flocculant dosing and sludge pumping
Italian company Baioni says that in a bid to protect ecological surroundings and minimise the negative effects of industrial processes, it is necessary to purify and recover the waters used during washing operations of sand washing, quarrying and recycling. “The first step is to recover 100% of the waters used and to eliminate the concentration of sludge,” says the company.

Its solutions aim to offer a full sludge treatment system that includes latest generation thickeners, polyelectrolyte dosing system, high performance horizontal centrifuges, filter presses and pod systems.

Baioni thickeners offer primary stage water treatment, while for sludge flushing a discharging cone is placed below the tank where rakes concentrate sludge into the cone through very low speed rotation.

Rakes rotate along the tank floor allowing a high-quality sludge and avoiding any clogging. The company says its system offers “significant cost savings” as it reduces the area previously required to accommodate ponds or lagoons. Fresh water required to feed the washing plant is reduced by up to 80% as there is a constant water flow during the process. Waters are reused instead of being disposed of.

Baioni’s fully automatic water treatment system can be used for quarrying, mining and recycling applications, and industrial wastewater treatment plants where materials, including sands and gravel, aggregate and minerals, are subject to washing operations.

“While the water used for the washing is totally reused, thickened sludge is extracted from the back discharge of the tank and through a pump is sent to the centrifugation step. To limit the cost of disposal of thickened sludge or limit the amount of material to bring to landfill, it is necessary to separate the excess of water in the same sludge, making the latter drier,” says Baioni.

“Two methods of mechanical dehydration are available: centrifuge decanter or filter press, and both can be supplied by Baioni.”

The development of the BaiWash system and BaiDec decanter have been among the first ventures into the water and wastewater treatment sector by Baioni through the Environment Division.

“The success of the two systems on a variety of installations proved our capability in the development of new and improved processing systems for this industry,” says Milena Bianchi, marketing manager.

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