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Taking it to the max

First publishedon www.AggBusiness.com
2010 November December
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The RX150
The RX150 is the most significant development of CDE's Rotomax logwasher design since its launch in 2003.
Ireland-based CDE Global has added the Rotomax RX150 logwasher to its product range to offer improved levels of attrition for washing applications.

The company has said the RX150 is the most significant development since the first Rotomax model was launched in 2003 due to the improvements in the shaft and paddle designs. The paddles are constructed from high chrome cast iron - the same specification of material as used in impactor crushers and far exceeds the specification of paddles within other logwashers available on the global market.

"The specification of this high chrome cast iron for the Rotomax paddles ensures material within the system is subjected to the highest possible levels of attrition while also ensuring maximum resistance to abrasion," explained CDE senior design engineer Kevin Vallelly. "Over the years we have conducted many tests on various materials and the high chrome cast iron also represents the lowest cost per ton processed. Other logwashers use a lower specification material for the paddles which leads to much higher wear, creating significant higher maintenance costs as they need to be replaced much more frequently." Another design innovation within the new Rotomax system is the fan arrangement of the paddles on each of the shafts. Each paddle is off-set from the previous one and they are configured in such a way that the blades intermesh with each other as the shafts rotate.Specification

Manufacturer: CDE
Model: Rotomax RX150 logwasher
Capacity: 150tonnes per hour

Special features: High chrome cast iron paddles; fan arrangement of paddles to offer high levels of attrition

According to CDE in addition to maximum attrition of the material within the system this also offers a new level of protection to the shafts, bearings and gearbox due to the subsequent reduction in intermittent shock loads.

"The fan arrangement of the paddles on the shafts ensures a consistent load on the bearings rather than intermittent high impact between all the paddles and the material being processed," said Vallelly. "The new Rotomax has been built with the twin objectives of maximising attrition and minimising cost of ownership for operators requiring a system such as this." The Rotomax RX150 has a capacity of 150 tonnes per hour and can be applied in the processing of a variety of material including sand and gravel, crushed rock, construction and demolition waste material and various mineral ores.

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