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19 April 2018

How good is your pricing strategy & how well does your sales team apply it?

First publishedon www.AggBusiness.com
Did you know that aggregates companies often leave at least 5% revenue on the table? That is a big number for any size of organisation.

Keeping both investors and customers happy in terms of return on investment and competitive pricing can appear to be conflicting interests.  The challenge is to find a way to see them as complementary and to what extent.

Our previous feature outlined how Economic Value Added (EVA) is being used by many leading companies to assess their financial performance.

This is where accurate pricing comes in, because pricing has a huge impact on total revenue and is a key component in a company’s profitability.  But how much time, effort and structured thought are you placing on this obvious driver for a healthy P&L and, eventually, a healthy balance sheet?

Why not find out just how your business is doing in terms of pricing strategy? Take the small quiz at the end of this article and get a set of personalised results along with an overall ranking of where your organisation sits as far as pricing maturity is concerned.

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