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17 May 2017

The Cullimore Group highlights restoration within quarrying process

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Cullimore group
Today, quarry management is a heavily regulated industry that includes strict guidelines especially around such aspects as the restoration process. The Cullimore Group, a leading Gloucestershire, West England-based provider of haulage and aggregates, says it not only understands this, but consistently goes above and beyond the stated requirements by restoring every piece of land to an even better state than it was previously in.

Over the years, The Group has become renowned for its environmental conscience, with the principle ‘we are only borrowing the land’ at the centre of its philosophy. The Group believe that after working with the land, it is their duty to return it to a state that not only benefits the environment, but also the community around it. This belief has resulted in every piece of land taking on a new lease of life, for example the creation of new habitats, some of which would not otherwise have been possible before the work started.  

Managing Director of The Cullimore Group, Moreton Cullimore, explains: “The family nature of our business and our responsibility to the local community makes caring for the land we work with of paramount importance. We are sensitive about the restoration process and understand that it is not only a regulatory requirement to restore the land to better than it was before, but a commitment to residents and communities around us. After all, we all make use of the land around us every day of the week.”

The Cullimore Group was most notably recognised in 2016 for its restoration process when the Mineral Products Association awarded the Group with the MPA Special Award for its contribution to the restoration of The Cotswold Water Park. This award was given for the Group’s commitment to improving the site from what it was before, as well as for its dedication to providing the community with features that could be used for generations to come.

Moreton Cullimore continues: “The restoration of any site is a complicated process, with a wide variety of stakeholders interested in the end result. Each site requires a tailor-made plan of its own. Not only this, the aftercare plans are strictly regulated, meaning organisations have to meet stringent requirements. We pride ourselves on not only abiding by the framework, but going above and beyond it by listening to the needs of the local communities and building in their needs. After all, our organisation is part of the community, and therefore it is important we provide the best possible outcome at all times.”

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