LiuGong changes the game for BEVS in the UK

LiuGong is changing the game in the UK with a range of 4th Generation BEV machines developed alongside European customers LiuGong's "green team" includes electric wheeled loaders, mining trucks and electric excavators, all underlining the company's leading role in BEV technology.
Loading, Hauling & Excavation / June 17, 2024
By Guy Woodford
The European edition of the new LiuGong 856HE Electric Wheeled Loader. Pic: LiuGong

LiuGong's Green Team

China leads the world in BEV technology and LiuGong is a leader in China. The company has long been at the forefront of China's revolution in BEV research and development, driving design and innovation to create even greater sustainability and customer value.


The company's strategic aim is to be a top 10 CE brand in Europe by 2027 and No. 1 in BEV product innovation and sales. Its ambitious plans will see it launch over 40 BEV models by 2027, including new electric excavators, wheel loaders, motor graders, dumpers and access equipment.

Unlike newcomers to the electric game, LiuGong has been a leader in this field for over a decade.

LiuGong's new 922FE Electric Excavator. Pic: LiuGong


Back in 2014 LiuGong's designers and engineers were adapting standard diesel machines to carry battery packs and electric drivelines. Now, LiuGong is launching their 4th generation machines, designed around the total needs of the operator and supported by the European R&D centre, working closely with customers to fine-tune for the UK market.


Proven capability

Actions always speak louder than words, so it's easy to judge LiuGong's BEV capability. The actions have been impressive. Global sales of BEVs have already topped 3,500+ units, and LiuGong has achieved over 1 million operating hours for BEV machines. LiuGong's 856HE electric loader has played a key part in this success. With over 2,000 machines currently working in the field, the 856HE is easily the most popular loader in China, the world's biggest market for BEVs.


Changing the game with new, 4th generation technology

LiuGong's latest BEV machines are based on proven technology and extensive field trials with European customers deeply involved in the development process. With their distinctive green livery, these machines have been designed to deliver for the owner, the operator and the environment.

Let's meet the team.


The New 856HE - European Edition Electric Wheeled Loader

Packed with a 423kWh battery pack, this tough machine can work 10-12-hour shifts on a single charge. Powered by two independent motors, one for the driving transmission and one for the hydraulic loader arms & auxiliary's, the 856HE is an immensely powerful machine offering full drive traction from as little as 2km/h.


This machine has proven itself in the field. Early production units, tested with customers, have exceeded 15,000 operating hours yet still have over 88% state-of-health in their batteries. This fact alone really proves that LiuGong machines are match fit and capable of delivering the total life endurance capability demanded by genuinely tough working conditions.

The new LiuGong 870HE Electric Wheeled Loader. Pic: LiuGong

The New 870HE - Electric Wheeled Loader

Next is the new 870HE. Powered by the same 423kWh battery as LiuGong's popular 856E but with increased power and load-carrying capacity, this machine typically comes with a 4.7m3 bucket and slots into the 250-3050hp segment. Targeted at heavy applications such as quarrying and aggregates, this powerhouse has already received phenomenal interest in Europe from aggregates businesses and key account customers.


The New 820TE - Electric Wheeled Loader

LiuGong's first compact wheeled loader product, this machine has a large spacious cabin, is capable of 40kph travel speeds and is powered by a 70kWh battery. The 820TE delivers 5-6 hours of tough work between charges and can recharge within 60 minutes. At a maximum height of 2.5m and available with a 4th line auxiliary spool, this machine is excellent for agricultural and industrial applications.

The new 820TE Electric Wheeled Loader from LiuGong. Pic: LiuGong

Harry Mellor, LiuGong European Product Director, said: "We have proved and are continuing to prove our capability in BEV technology. Our new 4th Generation Wheeled Loaders clearly show that we have the knowledge and credibility in BEVs that customers want and respect. This knowledge has not been acquired overnight but is the result of tough work in the field."


DR50CE - Mining Truck

LiuGong's BEV range now includes its first electric mining truck. The DR50CE, a 45T capacity rigid mining truck is an industry first, benefiting from a direct drive electric motor, reducing transmission loss and lowering maintenance whilst increasing productivity and reliability. This innovative machine can recharge itself during downhill operations, offering huge Total Cost of Ownership savings over diesel-powered trucks.

LiuGong's DR50CE Mining Truck. Pic: LiuGong

The New 9027FE – Electric Excavator

Also taking the field is the New 9027FE. This compact model takes LiuGong's popular short tail swing 9027F and changes the power pack to a 20kWh LFP battery pack. The smallest of LiuGong's new machines at Hillhead it has the power and performance you would expect enabling 3-4 hours of constant work and a rapid charging time of 90 mins when using a fast charger.

Based on a 48V system, it is easy and safe to service and maintain without needing special high-voltage training.


The New 922FE – Electric Excavator

The 922FE medium-class excavator. Powered by a 423kWh battery, this machine can work a full 8-10-hour shift. This is a high-performance machine with a motor delivering 165kWh of power, around 45kWh higher than a typical diesel model.

The new LiuGong 9027FE Electirc Excavator Pic: LiuGong

BEV expertise and support

Proven machines are only part of a BEV solution. The knowledge and ability to support those machines is paramount, and LiuGong's European dealer network has either completed or is in the process of completing rigorous training to become "LiuGong BEV Certified". Certification means that dealers will have passed the necessary high-voltage training, CATL technical training, and detailed service training. In addition, certification requires dealers to have mandatory spare parts and tooling before taking any machine into stock. Changing to BEV can be daunting, but LiuGong is committed to making the process simple, safe and profitable for its customers.


0% Finance"China leads the world in BEVs, and we are a leader in China". said Dean Thornewell, Managing Director of LiuGong UK. "We are bringing all this BEV knowledge and expertise to the UK market in a tough range of electric machines that really put in a shift and have been designed around our customer's needs for a more sustainable business. I believe the way we have listened to customers, learnt from them and used their insight has helped to establish our reputation and elevate the LiuGong brand in the UK and across Europe. Many customers now see us as a strong and knowledgeable, trusted and highly credible alternative to mainstream brands."

Enjoy all the positives without the negatives with 0% finance on LiuGong's BEV machines.

To celebrate LiuGong's game-changing machines, customers can now enjoy 0% finance for a limited period. Terms and conditions apply so please contact your local LiuGong dealer for more information.


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