Cat Command remote control operation expands to Cat 349, 352, 374 & 395 large excavators

Loading, Hauling & Excavation / November 15, 2022
By Guy Woodford
Cat 349, 352, 374 and 395 large hydraulic excavators can now be equipped with Cat Command for Excavating

Cat 349, 352, 374 and 395 large hydraulic excavators can now be equipped with Cat Command for Excavating


The remote-control system removes operators from potentially hazardous jobsite conditions by keeping them at a safe distance, and it reduces potential safety risks from climbing on and off machines.


The Cat Command station allows for non-line-of-sight remote control, where users can comfortably control all basic machine functions like digging, lifting and tracking. Additionally, Caterpillar exclusive machine technologies like Cat Grade with 3D for Excavators, Grade with Assist for boom and bucket, Swing Assist, E-Fence, and others can be set, activated, and used remotely.


The technology helps improve machine productivity on various projects like operating in unstable underfoot conditions, brownfields, shore work, and demolition. It also allows production to restart immediately following disruptive processes such as blasting in quarry applications.


The Cat Command station provides non-line-of-site operation from the comfort of an air-conditioned office on-site or many miles away. Distance is limited only by the capabilities of the network. The Cat Command station comfortably seats the operator in a customised “virtual cab” with familiar controls and machine displays. Users can control up to five different machines, one at a time, at the same or other locations, reducing downtime for shift changes or the need to travel to the jobsite. 


Touchscreen monitors similar to the in-cab displays offer the same machine information and access to machine setting just like in the machine. Screens mounted in front of the user provide an easy view of the excavator’s camera feeds. 


By removing the operator from the cab, Cat Command for Excavating offers a solution to workforce shortages and training advantages for newer operators. It opens opportunities to those with physical limitations that prevent them from climbing into the equipment, attracting a new generation of workers, and increasing the longevity of experienced operators.


The new large hydraulic excavator models join the existing Cat Command-ready excavators (320-340) and medium dozers (D5- D7), which can be operated from the same Command station.


More information about Cat Command for Excavating can be found by contacting a Cat dealer.

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