First Central Europe deliveries of Metso Truck Bodies

The first two Komatsu HD605-8 dump trucks equipped with Metso Truck Bodies have been delivered to a porphyry quarry in Brabant Wallon, Belgium. The deliveries by Metso distributor BIA Group are the first to be made in Central Europe and come exactly one year after the launch of the Metso Truck Body at the bauma 2019 exhibition in Munich, Germany.
Loading, Hauling & Excavation / May 20, 2020
By Staff writer
Metso claims its bauma 2019 unveiled Truck Body is 20-30% lighter than a conventional steel-lined truck body

The tough and abrasive rock handled by the Brabant Wallon quarry had a significant impact on the previous conventional truck boxes. On a traditional box, the maximum payload is limited by the high weight of the lining and the box itself.

Metso says its Truck Body differs from a standard box by its lighter, but resistant, rounded shaped design in ultra-high-strength steel combined with the Trellex rubber lining. The Finnish quarrying equipment maker says this makes it possible to obtain a 20% to 30% lighter body without sacrificing rigidity.

The Metso Truck Body designed for the Komatsu HD605-8 truck weighs 6 tonnes less than a standard version fitted with a steel liner. According to Metso, this weight reduction translates into a 10% additional payload and therefore offers greater efficiency from the first run. Likewise, during empty bucket journeys, the dumper will consume less fuel simply because it is lighter. Due to its rounded shape, less carry-back remains in the body, avoiding transporting unnecessary weight.



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