First lighter-bodied Volvo R100E rigid haulers in Indonesia acquired by PT Hasnur Riung Sinergi

Loading, Hauling & Excavation / June 14, 2022
By Guy Woodford
The first lighter-bodied Volvo R100E RDTs in Indonesia have been acquired by PT Hasnur Riung Sinergi

An Indonesian mining contractor has received four R100E rigid haulers from Volvo Construction Equipment (Volvo CE) to boost productivity at the sites its serves around Kalimantan. The order consists of two of the lighter-bodied models as well as two of the regular model

The lighter-bodied R100E haulers are said to be perfect for moving overburden in coal mining operations, as well as a variety of other applications. These two lighter-bodied deliveries are the first sold in Indonesia and, thanks to a design that includes several intelligent modifications to the machine body, should prove particularly productive for new owner PT Hasnur Riung Sinergi. 

Using a lighter design means the R100E has a maximum payload of 99 tonnes. That’s a full four tons more than the regular version with its 95-ton payload. Capacity of the body for the lighter version is increased too, from 60.4m3 with the regular version to 65m3 for the lighter version. This capability is greater than any competitor offering in the 100-ton class. It enables customers to increase profitability on top of the obvious productivity gains.

Even in the standard 60.4m3 body version, the Volvo R100E rigid hauler is said to be an extremely productive machine. The V-shaped body is designed for optimum load retention and minimal material carry-back, while the body-tipping system ensures efficient dumping. Offering a 95 t payload in the regular version and 99 t in the lighter version, the R100E allows operators to meet production targets faster. Built to perform, the R100E is powered by a premium 783 kW engine. 

Erwin Budi, head of commercial key accounts Indonesia, said PT Hasnur Riung Sinergi would notice the benefits of the R100E almost immediately: “The R100E is built for all surface mining and quarrying applications, where operational costs are critical. In particular, PT Hasnur Riung Sinergi will see advantages when using the lighter-bodied R100E in overburden applications. Customers can expect to spend less per haul with the R100E and enjoy optimum load retention and minimal material carry-back. The industry-recognised load profile policy enables the operator to meet a consistent average target payload, while the speedy body-tipping system ensures fast cycle times for an all-round efficient performance.”

Volvo builds on the high capacity and hauling speeds of its rigid hauler with intelligent monitoring systems. The On-Board Weighing (OBW) option is an integrated system that ensures the machine moves the optimum safe payload to further optimise production and minimise operational costs. It does this by using exterior-mounted pressure sensors to monitor and relay machine statistics to the operator’s onboard display. Not only can machine information be viewed in real-time via the onboard display, it can be remotely accessed via Volvo’s CareTrack telematics system to help operators and fleet managers improve planning.

Tjong Bie, CEO at Indonesian Volvo CE dealer PT Indotruck Utama, which sold the four R100E units to PT Hasnur Riung Sinergi, said even the challenging local terrain would be no problem for the new deliveries: “The hauler yields impressive tractive effort meaning no terrain is too deep or steep. Operators can tackle tough job site conditions and navigate gradients effortlessly for faster cycles. The high torque capabilities of the combined drivetrain provide unparalleled pulling performance and class-leading rim-pull for optimum travel time.”

Speed does not come at the expense of safety, however. An engine overspeed protection feature automatically slows down the machine to within safe operating limits if the driver goes too fast. In addition, a neutral coast inhibitor and transmission retarder are included as standard to protect the hauler in downhill operations. Fail-safe braking and secondary steering systems provide extra security.

As ever, operator comfort is a key focus, and the Volvo R100E promotes a productive work shift through its cab design, as Vincent Santoso, sales & marketing director for PT Indotruck Utama, notes: “The Volvo air suspension seat and tiltable telescopic steering wheel can be fully adjusted to match the operator’s preferred position while all displays and controls are ergonomically-positioned to keep the focus on the operation. The seat location to the left side of the cab and large windscreen offer a commanding view of the jobsite. Built-in sound insulation eliminates distracting noises, while the viscous isolated mounted cab and hydraulic suspension system minimises ground vibrations and surrounding jobsite noise.” 

By using MacPherson suspension, tires can move up and down independently to adapt to the road surface while muffling the vibrations to the operator cabin. This type of suspension enhances the drive comfort for operators and helps to increase productivity and safety.

The Volvo R100E has been designed specifically for durability and ease of maintenance but should customers need support, Indonesian Volvo CE dealer PT Indotruck Utama is here to help with its market-leading service team headed up by Hendro Sugito, National Aftermarket Head. Providing superb parts availability, local knowledge, and global mining experience, Hendro Sugito and the team at PT Indotruck Utama help customers keep their rigid trucks operating and earning for profitable operations.

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