New ZF electric drive system for wheeled loaders

ZF has started prototype assembly of its new eTRAC eCD160 electric drive system for wheeled loaders.
Loading, Hauling & Excavation / September 29, 2022
By Liam McLoughlin
The ZF eTRAC drive system enables emission-free operation of medium-sized wheeled loaders
The ZF eTRAC drive system enables emission-free operation of medium-sized wheeled loaders

The Germany-headquartered automotive manufacturer produced the prototypes at its facility in Patriching, Passau.

While the eTRAC eCD20-40 for compact vehicles is already being produced in volume production and first pilot projects are underway for the next larger eCD 50-90 series, the newly developed system supplements the existing range with solutions for electric construction machinery up to 20 t.

All components are thoroughly matched to a comprehensive system consisting of an electro-mechanical powershift transmission and one e-motor for traction and ePTO each. An electric drive control unit for overall system performance and power management completes the system. With a 650 V operating voltage, the system can be scaled up to 120 kW continuous power; the ePTO ranges from 30 to 70 kW continuous power.

Based on the established ERGOPOWER powershift technology, the eTRAC system is not intended to replace the conventional driveline technology. Rather, it is precisely this modular design that allows a large number of drive concepts to be covered and thus to react even more flexibly to customer requirements in the future.

The newly developed solution can therefore be integrated into battery-electric vehicles as well as vehicles with fuel cells. At the same time, conventional drives with powershift and power split transmissions will remain to be the backbone of the vehicle´s system architecture; even for alternative fuels such as hydrogen, eFuels, or biodiesel.

After a successful prototype phase, series production is intended to start in 2025.

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