Vemcon integrates Lekatech attachment app into its CoPilot platform

All excavator operators, contractors and OEMs who control their fleet via the Vemcon CoPilot platform now have access to operating modes for Lekatech's electric tools via an integrated app.
Loading, Hauling & Excavation / December 13, 2022
By Guy Woodford
Vemcon has integrated the Lekatech attachment app into its CoPilot platform for excavator operators

Vemcon CoPilot allows excavator operators to work faster, safer and more precisely by enabling them to control their mining and construction attachment via just one display. The platform's newly integrated Lekatech app allows operators to combine different frequency and energy settings for their Lekatech electric hammer attachment. At the same time, excavator operators can monitor their electric hammer attachment-generated data at a glance. As well as operating hour readings, the app displays various electric hammer safety functions and warnings.

Vemcon founder and CEO Jan Rotard: "Our CoPilot system sends all data to the respective fleet management system used by the contractor when required. In doing so, all components can be individually combined with each other by the user at any time and expanded almost indefinitely."

Founded in 2018 in Kausala, Finland, Lekatech aims to revolutionise hammer and other attachment technology through its direct electric drive products.