Volvo CE upgrading L60F-L90F wheeled loaders to H-Series generation for Middle East & Africa customers

Volvo Construction Equipment (Volvo CE) L60F, L70F, and L90F wheeled loaders for Middle East and Africa customers are being upgraded to the H-Series generation with Tier 3 engines this year, ensuring customers get the same powerful and reliable operation as before but with several additional benefits.
Loading, Hauling & Excavation / September 7, 2023
By Guy Woodford
Volvo CE is upgrading its L60F-L90F wheeled loaders to H-Series generation machines for Middle East & Africa customers. Pic: Volvo CE

The new models will, says Volvo CE, increase operator comfort, lifting capacity and fuel efficiency while reducing service costs and wear and tear, resulting in a smooth operator experience on almost any job site. 

With this series upgrade, the Volvo L60Gz and L90Gz models will be phased out by the end of 2023.

The H-Series wheeled loaders boast a brand-new look and feel and several performance-enhancing upgrades that can be boosted further when paired with a wide range of optional equipment. 

Some of the most noticeable improvements are as much to do with the machine itself as they are to do with the experience of operating it. Those stepping inside the cab are set to enjoy a much more comfortable and productive work environment thanks to new features such as Rimpull Control, which allows operators to adjust the wheeled loaders' rimpull to match slippery ground conditions, thereby reducing wheel spin and wear and tear, additionally resulting in better fuel efficiency. 

The H-Series' Smart Control also balances the energy flow between the hydraulic and the drive train systems, providing the right amount of power for exactly where and when it is needed. 

In addition, the upgraded wheeled loaders come with an electrically opened engine hood, slide-out coolers and quick oil change connectors, providing better access to service points and making maintenance routines simple and hassle-free. 

Meanwhile, a new optional lock-up torque converter helps increase productivity and fuel efficiency in load and carry applications while reducing operators' fatigue and increasing site productivity. 

Another fuel-saving feature is the Eco pedal. When pressing down on the gas pedal, operators will sense a light pushback, indicating they are at the top limit of the economic working range for the engine rpm. Operators then have a choice to stay in this range – and therefore operate most economically – or push beyond this limit if required. All these new functions allow operators to work smarter, not harder, all the while ensuring the maximum uptime for site productivity and greater fuel efficiency. Customers looking for further uptime can choose from Volvo Services, such as On-Board Weighing and Volvo Co-Pilot, which allow the H-Series to perform accurately, productively and safely. 

The upgraded wheeled loaders can be fitted exactly to customers' varying needs thanks to a complete range of options and attachment coverage.

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