Volvo L120H Electric wheeled loader shines in UAE tests

Signifying yet another step towards a net-zero future, Volvo Construction Equipment (Volvo CE) has successfully tested the L120H Electric wheeled loader in the United Arab Emirates, in collaboration with dealer FAMCO and a variety of customers, including leading Abu Dhabi-based concrete supplier ALAS Emirates Ready Mix.
Loading, Hauling & Excavation / June 12, 2024
By Guy Woodford
Volvo CE has successfully tested the L120H Electric wheeled loader in the United Arab Emirates. Pic: Volvo CE

Volvo CE has marked its first-ever electric construction equipment trials in the UAE with the testing of the L120H Electric wheeled loader in Abu Dhabi. The deployment alongside trusted dealer Al-Futtaim Auto & Machinery Company (FAMCO) and ALAS Emirates Ready Mix, a leading supplier of ready-mix concrete in the UAE, marks a significant step towards sustainable construction practices in the region and aligns with Volvo CE's commitment to innovation and environmental responsibility.


The L120H Electric is a 20-tonne wheeled loader that uses the market-recognised conventional machine as its base. It promises the exact same performance as the conventional machine but alongside the environmental advantage of being emission free, with near silent operation and a much more comfortable work environment. It is powered by 282kWh batteries for a runtime of eight hours in light and medium duty applications, with the ability to work indoors and in noise sensitive areas. Equipped with cutting-edge electric propulsion technology, the Volvo CE L120H Electric wheeled loader represents a leap forward in reducing carbon emissions and noise pollution associated with traditional diesel-powered construction machinery. By leveraging the power of electricity, the loader offers a cleaner, quieter, and more efficient solution for construction projects.

Volvo CE_2
FAMCO trialled the Volvo L120H Electric wheeled loader at the ALAS Emirates Ready Mix worksite in Abu Dhabi. Pic: Volvo CE


Plant and machinery specialist FAMCO conducted the trial of the Volvo L120H Electric wheeled loader at the ALAS Emirates Ready Mix worksite in Abu Dhabi, with the machine tasked with loading from stockpiles to a feeder hopper for the ready mix.


"We've been privileged to experience first-hand the high-performance capabilities of the Volvo L120 Electric," says ALAS Emirates Ready Mix production manager Elie Touma. "The wheel loader is extremely impressive, reliable, and efficient, with quick response time. The low noise and vibration reduction has created a comfortable work environment for our operators, which has been reflected in a measured uptick in productivity."


Volvo CE developed a solution to convert the tried and trusted L120 wheeled loader to electric as part of an industry-leading ambition to advance its electromobility offering without detriment to speed and reliability. Volvo CE is continuing its long-time focus on environmental care and driving industry transformation and decarbonisation to combat climate change.  The target of net-zero value chain greenhouse gas emissions by 2040 is a united commitment for Volvo Group across all business areas, and is set for ten years earlier than the Science Based Targets initiative, as the industry advances discovery of best practice for constructive environmental change.


"Zero carbon emissions is a big plus for us in helping us achieve our business goals," Elie adds. "Corporate and environmental responsibility significantly influence the way we work and try to lead the industry, and we can see the Volvo Electric wheel loaders as part of that path in our future projects."


The decision to test the L120H Electric wheeled loader in the UAE reflects Volvo CE's dedication to meeting the evolving needs of the construction industry in the region. With the UAE's growing focus on sustainability and green initiatives, the introduction of the electric loader underscores Volvo CE's commitment to supporting the nation's sustainability goals and contributing to a greener future as the nation continues to prosper, with the UAE construction market  valued at $98.3 billion in 2023.

Volvo CE_3
The testing of the L120H Electric in the UAE is said to reflect Volvo CE's desire to meet the evolving needs of the region's construction industry. Pic: Volvo CE


During the testing phase, Volvo CE evaluated the performance, efficiency, and suitability of the L120H Electric wheeled loader for various applications in the UAE's unique climate and operating conditions. The insights gained from this testing process ensures that the electric loader meets the rigorous standards expected by customers in the region.


"Bringing our L120H Electric wheeled loader to the UAE for testing means seeing the machine working in one of the most dynamic and ambitious markets in the world," says Ilkay Fidan, commercial manager for Volvo CE in the Middle East. "This reflects our ongoing efforts to drive sustainability and innovation in the construction industry. By working closely with our partners and customers in the UAE, we aim to deliver solutions that not only meet their operational needs but also contribute to a cleaner and more sustainable future.

Volvo CE_4
Volvo CE says the successful trials of the L120H Electric in the UAE strengthens its confidence of wider Middle East demand for electric models. Pic: Volvo CE


"The UAE emerged as the ideal location to pilot electric machines as a mature construction equipment market with strong potential for emobility. The L120H Electric has now been tested extensively in applications including ready-mix concrete production and the results have been very encouraging, demonstrating strong performance while significantly reducing emissions. This success strengthens our confidence in a wider launch of these electric models in the UAE and around target areas of the Middle East. We believe this is a significant step forward for sustainable construction in the region, and we're excited to be at the forefront of this change."


Volvo CE remains committed to advancing the development and adoption of electrified construction equipment, paving the way for a more sustainable and environmentally conscious construction industry. As the testing of the L120H Electric wheeled loader concludes in the UAE, Volvo CE looks forward to its commercial launch in the market.

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