Volvo updates Dig Assist excavator app

Volvo Construction Equipment has updated its Dig Assist machine control application for excavators with new features that are designed to make it faster and easier to create plans and provide more information for operators.
Loading, Hauling & Excavation / November 20, 2020
By Liam McLoughlin
 The upgraded Dig Assist system has a range of new features for operators
The upgraded Dig Assist system has a range of new features for operators

The new features include a customiseable interface for In-Field Design that improves the ability to draw shapes for building foundations and custom trenches.

There is also a new angle grid screen that makes it faster and easier to draw shapes in Plan and Profile modes. With the angle grid, operators can touch the screen and drag the corners of the shape they are drawing to keep their side parameters square or in line.

Operators can also now configure the top bar to show more information, including angles of the bucket relative to the surface, the pitch and roll of the machine, distance to line, and a compass if desired.

They also now have the ability to use Dig Assist with additional attachments, including a SteelWrist Rotator, Tilt Bucket and Tilt Coupler.

Team Viewer enables a dealer and Volvo technicians to access the Co-Pilot display remotely to help customers diagnose and solve issues in real time.

Additional joystick presets allow multiple operators to set their own preferences when using a single machine.

Dig Assist, which Volvo introduced in North America in 2017, is available on 20 of the company’s medium and large crawler and wheeled excavators. Last year, Dig Assist Start, the basic package of the machine control system, was made standard on new EC220E to EC480E crawler excavator models. Machines that currently run Dig Assist can be updated to the new version via a software update from their local Volvo CE dealer.

With Dig Assist, operators can also use the semi-autonomous Volvo Active Control system, currently available on EC220E, EC250E and EC300E excavators. It uses the machine’s computer to guide the digging process and prevent operators from digging below the programmed depth. With its speed and precision, Volvo Active Control can cut grading time by up to 45% compared with conventional grading.

For operators who want to get started using Dig Assist, a new playlist is on the Volvo CE YouTube channel that covers basic setup and use. Additionally, Volvo CE has written a three-part blog series on Dig Assist, including screen grabs of the app with helpful tips and tricks.

Matthew McLean, product manager for excavators at Volvo CE, commented on the upgraded system: “It’s simple by design. If you use a smartphone, the Dig Assist app on the Co-Pilot display is a very similar experience — it quickly becomes second nature for operators."

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