Command Alkon launches TicketPro

Command Alkon is offering a solution to digitise material and haul tickets that enter a production facility or jobsite by extracting data through optical character recognition technology.
Loading, Hauling & Excavation / August 5, 2021
By Ben Spencer
Command Alkon TicketPro ticket data material supply operations material haulers
TicketPro matches data on the invoice against actual ticketing data for deliveries in the system (Credit – Command Alkon)

TicketPro’s flexible approach to digitising ticket data can support material supply operations, material haulers and construction project jobsites. 

Within the system, the ticket signer selects a project, chooses the material being hauled, and snaps a picture of the paper ticket. 

The system can also utilise scanner integration or capture tickets directly from a scale printer with an interface that imports the tickets as soon as they are created by the scale operator.

Michael Bordelon, director of product development for Connex at Command Alkon, says: “TicketPro makes it possible to capture paper tickets and re-digitise them. Once the tickets are digitised, we can do some incredible things with the digital data, such as: job cost reporting, accruals reporting, invoice reconciliation, understand quantities delivered, and foster more insights that can help to run a more efficient job.”

Command Alkon says project managers can spend hours matching tickets with invoices that come in, and still not have the daily insight they need to make decisions that keep their job or operational costs within margins.

TicketPro takes all the data on the invoice and matches it against actual ticketing data for deliveries in the system, the company adds. 

“TicketPro automates the AP workflow and eliminates errors when performing invoice reconciliation,” Bordelon continues. 

“The user can manage one ticket for both hauling and material invoices, and easily see tickets in the system that have or have not been invoiced, as well as invoices that have and have not been paid.”

With TicketPro’s invoice portal, materials buyers can communicate with materials suppliers  to make sure their records match and then process the invoice. Suppliers can also request early payment to fill in those cash flow gaps.

The reconciliation tool allows users to verify the work completed by scanning in a paper invoice and asking TicketPro to match tickets in the system with each line item on the invoice.

TicketPro then highlights any missing, duplicate, or previously invoiced tickets for review, to ensure that the work being paid for has been completed, and that it has not been paid for previously. 

TicketPro integrates with multiple accounting software solutions, such as Viewpoint, Quickbooks, to aid the transition of information into existing AP systems already in place.